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Acne Face Map: What It Is Trying To Tell About Health?

Do you know about acne face mapping? If you don’t know about the acne face map, then this article helps to know what your acne is trying to tell you about your body according to the face mapping. 

Face mapping is a technique, based on the traditional method to treat the specific locations of the acne of the face according to your health issues affecting organs.

Face mapping is a technique uses as an acne face chart that divides the face into different zones. In ancient times, scholars are used the face map to identify various internal problems.

And they observing certain attributes on different areas of your face. Dermatologists and professionals are using face mapping to identify the root that is the cause of acne when they realize this is not just a skin issue.

If you are looking to find what is the reason behind your face acne, then you are the right place so, check out these tips on why the acne occurs in your face.

Here Are Some Tips On Why You Get Acne On Your Face According To The Acne Face Map

1. Acne On The Hairline

Acne On The Hairline

Acne surrounding the hairline is known as Pomade acne. Some hair products contain pomades (water-based chemicals) like, your shampoo, hairspray, and hair serum.

When you apply these hair products on your scalp, it often irritates the skin on your forehead, especially the part close to your hairline.

When you see that recurring acne near the hairline, then understand that something’s wrong with your hair care products. You can immediately change the hair product to avoid hairline acne.
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2. Forehead (T-Zone)

Forehead pimple (T-Zone)

The reason behind recurring acne on the forehead is excessive hair sebum, excess oil, dead skin cells, irregular sleep schedule, and stress.

Acne face mapping on your forehead may be due to poor diet and using the chemical hair product in your head.

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3. Eyebrow Area

Eyebrow on pimple

The irritated hair follicles, face makeup is some reason that occurs acne eyebrow.

If you are using the eyebrow styling products, then make sure they are non-comedogenic and you clean applicator frequently.

Threading and plucking the eyebrow are also the reason for acne on the eyebrow.

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4. Acne On Cheeks According To The Acne Face Map

Acne On Cheeks According To The Acne Face Map

The reason behind the acne on cheeks is using dirty pillowcases, makeup brushes, cellphones, stress, but the most common factor is dry skin.

When we are talking, then hold the phone to our ears, and the screen touching our cheeks. Most of the mobile phone screen surface is contained with harmful germs and bacteria.

5. Acne On The Chin And Jawline

Acne On The Chin And Jawline

Acne face mapping on the chin and jawline The reason for Acne on the chin and jawline is a variation in hormones. Which means a disruption with your endocrine system.

This endocrine system helps to regulate hormone production. Your Diet routine can affect the hormones. As research reveals that your hormone levels change based on your diet routine.

So, if you are following a high carb diet that contains lots of dairy products, that helps to increase your hormone levels.

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6. Acne On Ears According To The Acne Face Map

Acne On Ears According To The Acne Face Map

Acne face mapping of the ears. Pimple or acne on the ear caused by bacteria, stress, and hormone imbalance.

But the most common reason for recurring acne to our ears is bacteria build-up by using unclean headphones. Or putting your fingers into ear quite often.

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Acne Face Map
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Acne Face Map
Do you know what your acne is trying to tell you about your health? Acne face mapping can help you because it is an ancient Chinese medical technique that dermatologists use to know about overall health.
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