Hairstyles With A Bun

How To Make Hairstyles With A Bun


Bun hairstyles are the most popular and unique hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. It is an extremely versatile and flexible hairstyle that all match perfectly with all kinds of outfits.

If your hair is long and thick, then you can perfectly make this hairstyle. This hairstyle can be used in various situations. Hairstyles with bun can give you a feminine and stunning look all the time.

Depending on the style, the bun hairstyles can be a functional style for household chores. But you can carry these bun hairstyles everywhere, including occasions, college events, parties, or working out.

If you are looking for some amazing hairstyle with a bun then you are the right place so, skip the parlor and check out these hairstyles and enhance your beauty.

How To Make A Bun Hairstyles

1. Stunning Updos

Stunning Updos

This bun hairstyles are most popular for occasions, and also gives you a more feminine look. For this hairstyle, you need a comb, curling iron, barrette, hairspray, and some bobby pins.

To make this hairstyle, firstly style your hair in loose curls. After that collect all your hair and wrap it in a low side bun. Then use some bobby pins to secure the bun in place.

After that allow a few strands of hair to hang loose, and curls these strands to add more glamorous. Then set a barrette in your bun and finish off with spraying some hairspray.

2. Braided Crown Hairstyles With A Bun

Braided Crown Hairstyles With A Bun

A crown braid is an attractive hairstyle that can be dressed up and worn anywhere. For this hairstyle, you need elastic bands, accessories and some bobby pins.

To make these bun hairstyles, use the waterfall braiding method, and braid your hair at the sides. Then secure the braids with elastic bands or bobby pins.

After that wrap all your hair in a messy bun. Then accessorize with flowers or barrette to add boho charm to the look.

3. Braided Base Bun

Braided Base Bun

For this bun hairstyles, you need a comb, elastic band, some bobby pins, and hairspray. To make this hairstyle, firstly collect all your hair from the top and create a pouf with it.

Try to leave out a 4-inch section, and wrap your hair in a high bun at the crown. Then secure your hair with an elastic band. After that weave the left-out section of hair in a regular braid.

Wrap your braid around the bun base for a perfect bun. Then pin the braid to the bun with some bobby pins, finish off with a hit of hairspray.

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4. Modern French Twist Hairstyles With A Bun

Modern French Twist Hairstyles With A Bun

For this bun hairstyles, you need a comb and some bobby pins. To make this hairstyle, firstly style the front of your hair in a pouf, and secure it with bobby pins.

After that collect all your hair and roll it in a bun, secure the bun with bobby pins. Then strands of your hair to fall loose to a stunning look.

5. Hairstyles With A Gilded Bun

Hairstyles With A Gilded Bun

For this bun hairstyles, you need mousse, comb, elastic band, and some bobby pins. To make this hairstyle, firstly collect all your hair and brush it down with the moussed comb.

Leave a little hair on both sides and collect the rest of the hair to form a bun. After that secure, it with elastic bands and some bobby pins.

In the next step overlap the side sections and wrap them around the bun. Use some bobby pins to secure your extra hair in place.

6. How To Make Your Hair In A Bun Hairstyles

 How To Make Your Hair In A Bun Hairstyles

If you want something a little more cool and carefree hairstyle. Then this messy bun hairstyles is one of the best ways to go.  Once you find the messy bun routine that can work for you.

Then surely it becomes a go-to look for you most days. For creating this messy bun you need an elastic band, hairspray, and bobby pins.

For creating the messy

gently brush the hair and remove all the knots and tangled hair. After brushing gently, grab all the hair starting at the front near the face.

How To Make A Bun

Then collect all the hair into one hand. Hold your hair at the location where you want to have your messy bun. If you want then you can let a few strands or your bangs or the frings to hang loose that can help to frame your face. 

For creating a sophisticated mod look gently pull all the hair near the top of the head for creating a more professional look and gently draw the hair to the center of the back of the head. Instead of creating carefree messy buns pull all your hair to the nape of the neck. 

If you like then you can make your bun off the center for a more playful look. It will look best if you place the bun either very low or too high. 

Don’t brush the hair or run your hands through the hair too much as you draw it back, because you are wearing a messy bun look. For this just simply pick all the hair up and just resist the temptation to finger brush it. 

Also, make sure to pick up any loose strands and make sure that all your hair is in your hand. 

With the help of an elastic band gently wrap your hair. Wrap the elastic band about the 3 wraps to get a tight fit. On the third wrap of the hair, the tie doesn’t pull all the way throughout the band. Instead of this leaves ½ – ½  hair that can hang out the bottom as a tail.

So the remaining portion of the hair will create the loop in your upper part of the ponytail. If you have thick hair, then it may be hard to get a hair elastic to wrap around the entire handful of the hair.

How To Make Own Hair Bungee

Then try to use a hair bungee or making your own. For making a hair bungee, gently slip the two bobby pins onto the hair elastic. Then slide one of the pins into the hair at the top of your ponytail. The point where all the hair gatherers.

Then wrap the elastic around your hair until no more slack is left. After gently wrapping the elastic slide the other bobby pin in toward the center of the ponytail to pin the elastic in the place.

But make sure that you make a loop with your hair on the final wrap, instead of this just letting it hang down in a regular ponytail. Then leave your hair in a large loop with a tail of hair sticking out below it.

Take the tail and then wrap it around the base of the hair tie, by covering the band. Use 2-3 bobby pins to secure yours around the tale base.

Then part the loop down the center and then pull the two sides to the scalp and then pin it. If you don’t need to create a direct part through the loop, you are only trying to pin the body of it to your head so that it doesn’t retain its ring like the shape.

Also, feel free to pull out some hair to let hang loose or to pin in other directions to enhance your messy bun look.  But you need to have fairly long hair in the order to create this amazing look.

Spritz a bit of hairspray on your hair to keep your bun long-lasting, and if you want then you can also add any decorative hair accessories on your bun hairstyles.

7. Braided Top Knot Bun 

Braided Top Knot Bun

If your hair is thin and also not too long, this top knot bun hairstyle. For creating this bun hairstyle  evenly apply a dry texture spray throughout your hair for adding the extra grip in your hair.

Then gently comb your hair and gather all the hair into a super high ponytail. With the help of an elastic band secure your ponytail and don’t worry about making it neat.

After creating a ponytail, braid your ponytail all the way down and then tie it off with a clear elastic band. Then coil the braid around the base of the ponytail and then secure it with the bobby pins.

Wrapping your braid gently tug at the sections of the braid for making it look more voluminous. By doing this your braid doesn’t appear too tight and also it gives the fuller appeal to the bun. Then spray some hairspray on your top knot bun to bun to the style. 

8. How To Make A Bun With Short Hair

How To Make A Bun With Short Hair

It can be tricky to find new ways to style short hair. But there is no need to worry, as long as you have hair ties, dry shampoo, and also bobby pins. There are a variety of ways to wear short hair.

On the days when you don’t want to bring out your curling straightener or iron, then bun hairstyles are one of the great options for these.  For creating a low sleek bun with the short hair a voluminous look, gently backcomb the crown section by using a brush.

Then gather all your hair at the nape of your neck, and make a low ponytail. Secure your ponytail with the elastic band and then grab the length of the ponytail. After the length begins twisting your hair around the root.

Continue twist your ponytail until it is the entire length is wrapped. Then tuck the end of the ponytail into the bun hairstyles and secure your bun with the bobby pins. If you want to add a dreamy finish into your finish look pulling out a few wisps of your hair from the sides.  

9. How To Do Half Up Half Down Bun 

 How To Do Half Up Half Down

These bun hairstyles suit short hair but can work on other types of hair too. For creating the half up half down bun gently comb your hair and detangle all the knots.

Then separate your hair into the two sections, grab the upper section of hair into the hand. Then twist the upper hair into a coil at the back of your head.

You can choose either a firm or loose hold. Wrap your half-up hair in the bun and secure it with the hairpins. 

10. Braided Space Buns 

Braided Space Buns

The 90s trend is still in full effect, it’s easy to see why space buns are popular nowadays. The braided space buns hairstyles are easy to style and it looks too cute.

All you need to create the braids space bun hairstyles is a hairbrush, bobby pins, hairspray, and hair ties. Gently comb your hair and detangle all the knots, then part your hair down from the middle.

Gather the hair form on both sides and make the high ponytail. Then braid your ponytail and secure the end with an elastic band. Then wrap each side of the braid around and secure them with bobby pins.

Yank your bun outward for adding the volume in your buns. Also, pull out some loose strands that can frame your face. Spray some hairspray on your bun to secure them in place. 

11. Half Way Curled Buns Hairstyles

Half Way Curled

The people with the medium length hair can go with these halfway curled bun hairstyles. For creating this hairstyle gently comb your hair and detangle all the knots.

Gently tie hair in a low ponytail fashion and twist your hair.  After twisting the hair wrap your hair into the bun and secure it with the bobby pins in an upward trend.

Then leave the rest of the hair out of the buns for giving a wavy or curly look to your style. This bun hairstyle is quite easy to do. 

Go ahead and try these bun hairstyles and make different-different hairstyles with a bun. If you like this post, I’d be very grateful if you‘d help it spread by emailing it to friends or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank You.

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