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Deva Cut – Best Cuts For Curly Hairstyles


A deva cut is one of the best hairstyles for women, who have curly and wavy hair. But why this deva haircut is so special and what is the difference between deva cut and rezo cut?

If you want to know the answer to these questions, then keep reading this blog. Today I will share with you what is deva cut and how to manage deva cut before and after cutting. 

What Is A Deva Cut?

What Is A Deva Cut

Well, all the traditional haircuts design for straight hair, but the devacut is one of the best haircuts for curly hair. Deva cut is a new era that lives in the hearts of thousands of girls.

The method of deva cut for wavy hair was invented 20 years ago, since then devacut has shown excellent results and won the hearts of everyone who tried this hair cut.

Because deva cut is a special haircutting technique for the curly and wavy hair. The main principle of the deva cut is to work with the unique curl pattern on every person.

The deva cuts for curly hairstyle was created by Lorraine Massey and the co-owner of Devachan Salon, and also the author of the Curly Girl.

Deva cut is a revolutionary dry cutting technique it designs for all the natural textures from the waxy to the super curly hair.

When the hair is dry and its natural state, then devacut style and sculpt each curl to create a beautiful customize shape.

Because since the no two curls are the same, so the dry cutting ensures that curls are cut evenly and allows the stylist to see a client’s true curl pattern and hairstyles. 

Tips For Deva Cut Before And After Routine

Deva Cut Before And After Routine

Before going to the salon and asking for the whipping of your curls into the shape. Look through these simple and important tips of deva cut before and after the routine. 

  • Before going to the devacut gently wash your hair and use a conditioner. 
  • After washing gently dry your hair but don’t use any hairstyling product and tools. So, your curly hair remains natural and soft. 
  • Don’t tie your hair and not make any hairstyle before the cutting. Because the hairstylist will need to see your hair detangled, natural, and defined. 
  • Always remember that Deva curls cut only works on your natural hair. Because when you straighten your curly hair then the shape of your hairstyle might be uneven. So the deva curls cut is not good for hairstyling. 

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Take Care Of Deva Curl Cut According To The Curl Type

Before buying any branded or special hair care products, it’s important to know about the type of your curly hair.

One of the most famous and well-known hairstylists, Ander Walker, invented the curls type system. They also distinguish the curls into 4 different natural hair types.

The type of curls depends on hair density, consistency, length, and volume. These curly hair types are:

  • Straight hair
  • Wavy hair
  • Curly hair
  • Kinky hair

Curl Type- 2

Wavy hair

There is a wide range of hairstyling options for the girl who have wavy hair. They can try straight to curly hairstyles for their stunning looks.

The girls who have wavy hair are lucky because their hair isn’t too oily or too dry. Wavy hair is shiny and elastic despite and they are prone to frizz. Deva cut for the wavy hair is awesome.  

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Curl Type 3 

Curly Hiar

This curl type is characterized as spiral curls because the appearance of hair is like a spiral shape. This type of curl has an “s” or “z “pattern or some are between in this variation.

Girls who have a type-3 curl then, they face dryness, fix, tangles, and breakage hair problems. They look dull and do not reflect any shine on the surface of this type of hair.

This Hair is not smooth like the type 1 or 2 hair. But The deva cut looks good on this.

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Curl Type 4

Kinky Hair

Curl Type 4 is one of the most enviable and visually pleasant hair textures. These kinky or curly hairs are more prone to damage. 

This type of hair has a zigzag pattern and they are also dry and extremely fragile. Curly type of hair requires proper haircare and extra hydration.

This type of curly hair is most common as a natural hair type of African – American women. 

When you determine the type of curls then choose your hair care products according to your hair type. Knowing your hair type can help you to maintain the deva cut. While your washing routine should consist of three steps:

  • A cleanser
  • Hydrating hair conditioner 
  • Styling Gel 

After that, let your hair dry gently by air or you can use a special hairdryer to save time. But it’s important to use natural hair products without silicones, sulfates, and parabens.

Make sure your hair-care products will contain useful ingredients such as vitamins, oils, and also natural extracts that can help your curls to shine and stay strong and healthy. 

Is It Best To Cut Hair Wet Or Dry?

The person who have curly hair then they have probably faced after a fresh cut is beautiful curls when you styled, but an uneven mess when this curly hair straightened or blown out.

This issue has been common with the dry cuts such as the Deva cut and Rezocut. So, cut your hair dry for the stunning deva cut. 

How Long Does Deva Cut Take Time?

When the person gets their first devacut, then their stylist will likely go over to their approach and ask about the look that you are looking for. Between the intro, drying time cut the deva cute will take about 50 minutes to 75 minutes.

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What Is The Difference Between Devacut And Rezo Cut?

Difference Between Devacut And Rezo Cut

One of the most common differences between devacut and rezo cut is. Dev cut frames the face, while rezo cuts, maintain the even length of the hair around the head.

Both deva cut and rezo cut done on the dry hair. The final look of the rezo is a voluminous crown of curls around the head.

When you straighten the deva curl cut then it may appear uneven but a rezo cut will look even in both straight and curly hair. Rezo cut is a perfect cut for the curly hairstyle who loves long hair.

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Deva Cuts For Curly Hairstyles 

1. Space Buns 

Space Buns

This hairstyle trend started in the ’90s and it is still popular. These space buns are adorable, fun, and easy to do.

This deva cut hairstyle needs only 5 minutes to complete this look. 

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2. Deva Cut With The Bangs

Deva Cut With The Bangs

Deva cut with the bang can give you an amazing look. So, ask your stylist to cut your curls about shorter near the face like a hime cut wavy hairstyle.

These bangs will help you to correct your face shape and it also balances the upper and lower parts if needed. 

3. Deva Cut With Pintura Highlights

Deva Cut With Pintura Highlights

Once you get the perfect layered devacut or deva wavy curl. Then, why not enhance the beauty of your deva cut with the color.

Balayage or Pintura highlights technique will add more dimension in your curl texture. 

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4. Shoulder-Length Deva Cut

Shoulder-Length Deva Cut

Transforming the long hairstyle into a stylish shoulder-length haircut can totally give you a new and fresh look.

The shoulder length deva cut will make your curls more alive and healthy-looking. Thus, deva curls cut will add volume into your hair and also frame your hair. 

5. Chic Devascarf Hairstyle

Chic Devascarf Hairstyle

Feel free to experiment with your deva cut curls by adding various accessories to your hairstyles. So, make a high ponytail with your hair and just wrap a scarf around the head.

If you want then you can leave some curls out, so that they fall on your face for adding some twist into your look. Or you can just gather all the hair up. This deva cut hair look is great for the cold season because it can protect your hair from any damage. 

6. Tapered Short Deva Cut 

Tapered Short Deva Cut

If you think that short hair is boring and there is no room for experiments, then you are wrong. You go with the tapered, short deva cut that will change your mind and you can see the advantages that it provides you.

This deva cut hairstyle looks really sexy and sassy. Tapered short deva cut is appropriate for any girls and also women of any age group. You can also do many different hairstyles with the help of long hair on top.

For adding more glamour you can color your hair or just top hair for adding some fresh changes. If you want to achieve an undercut deva cut look, then make looks, a side cut, or a geometric pattern on your head. 

7. Deva Undercut 

Deva undercut

If you want to try some bold look that can make you stand out from the crowd. Then the undercut with deva cut hair look is one of the best options for you. You can go with a Dave undercut, it will add boldness into your style and give a dramatic look.

Because the undercut is rather a bold and sassy option. This devacut haircut looks extremely chic and feminine with a bunch of flirty curls. 

8. Round Deva Cut 

 Round Deva Cut

If your hair is thin or fine and you want to add some glamour into your look then round-deva cut hair is best for you. So ask your hairstylist to make your curls get rounder at the edges.

Cutting your curls in the round then it can add the rally volume to your hair. It can also create a well-balanced and volumetric deva cut look.

9. Long Deva Cut With Bangs 

Long Deva Cut With Bangs

If you are not sure that you can handle such a tough task then it’s better not to go with a DIY deva cut.

There is still something for you that you can do yourself is long deva cut with bangs the simple, fings of this hairstyle by simply using the scissors and also repeating the actions that can be made by your deva-stylist. It will bring you a lot of the character to your funky look. 

10. Long Deva Cut

Long Deva Cut

If you don’t want to cut off your hair length but want to try something amazing. Then long deva cut hair looks best for you. Because whatever your hair length deva cut hairstyle can give an equal appearance to everyone from short to long hair.

So go ahead and try the hottest deva cut. If you want to add some classic look to your curls then highlight your curls with the golden brown color. 

How Does Deva Curl Address Volume?

How Does Deva Curl Address Volume

The founder of deva cut curl Larraine Massey is believed that once you gently moisturize your hair and also stay away from shampoo which contains sulfate. Then the big volume and stereotypical frizz will get a way and these things will become past.

But if you still want to keep some volume on your hair then scrunch your hair and shake for adding some volume to your hair. You can use your fingers for shaking your hair or comb near the scalp.

What Are The Issues People Face WIth The Deva Curl Cut?

As much as the marketing publicity deva cut gets, it’s not the end-all-be of the curls cuts. Many people will still have to face the issues and their complaints about the results being deva cut, choppy, frizzy, and poofy. ]

One of the common issues that most people are faced with their deva cut hair is that once they wash their hair, then their curls get tight up at the top. While the short bouncy curls can create a sort of poodle look with the deva cut hair due to too much hair volume.

One another negative result people have with the deva cut is a pyramid-shaped cut with more curl on the bottom of the hair than on the top of the hair. Also, most of the people are experienced and are disappointed that after deva cut their hair doesn’t look natural or vibrant. 

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