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slit eyebrow

Eyebrow Slit – How To Create Perfect Slit Eyebrow

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How to create a perfect slit eyebrow perfectly in your brow like a pro? A eyebrow slit can help to represent a variety of things. You can also create the szlit eyebrow perfectly on your eyebrows by just using an electric or tape and manual razor or some concealer.

Slit eyebrow becomes trendy and fashionable nowadays., by just making a thin vertical cuts in our brow hair. Most of the people are like to doing eyebrow cut for the glamorous and stunning look that make them out of the crows.

But if you don’t create perfect eyebrow slits, then it will destroy your entire look. If you don’t want to create permanent eyebrow slits on your eyebrows, then you can also create them with the help of makeup.

Is it possible that you can achieve a perfect eyebrow without going parlor? the answer is yes, it’s possible you can easily achieve the perfect slit eyebrow with the right technique, makeup,or some practice.

If you are looking to find some ways on how to create perfect eyebrow slits then you are the right place so, skip the parlor and check out these some tips of how to get perfect eyebrow slits. 

What Are Eyebrow Slits?

Eyebrow Slit

Eyebrow slit is the way of cutting or shaving the eyebrow that usually looks like something of a fashion trend or statement.

The main idea for creating the slit eyebrow is to remove a small section of hair from the eyebrow or alternatively creating it with the makeup for giving the appearance of a slit eybrowm or some open patch in the eyebrow.

Slit eyebrows were trendy in the 90s and while the style died in the early. Eyebrow cuts were made popular for a while in some recent years when celebrities like Jason Momoa and also some other beauty bloggers that spot on the eyebrow slits.

Some people like to choose just one eyebrow slit, whereas the other goes for a more striped look, while the slits can similarity be in one brow or on both eyebrows. Slit eyebrows are created in a number of different ways with varying patterns.

In most cases, the reason people choose this look is entirely personal. Eyebrow cuts are often seen as trendy or in and it can also help some people to identify a person as a member of a specific group or the team if all members choose to adopt the slit eyebrow look. 

Some people sometimes use slit for highlighting the eyebrow piercing. The slit eyebrow look is usually immediately noticeable and often it will take a bit of work to maintain this look fresh. 

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Slit Eyebrow History

Eyebrow Slit History

You may see the trend of slit eyebrows numerous times on social media like Instagram. The trend of creating eyebrow cuts has been popping up for a few decades.

But the trend of slit eyebrows came from MC Big Daddy Kane who start to began sporting them all the back way in the ’80s. The trend of creating the slit eyebrow was connected with the hip-hop culture during the 90s to 2000s.

Some other artists have also followed the trend of eyebrow cuts such as rappers like Bow Wow, the Soulja Boy, Vanilla Ice, and Kriss Kross. They were rocking with this look at different times in their career.

In 2001, instances outside the hip-hop scene also wore the slit eyebrow like David Beckham. Again the trend of having eyebrow slit increase in 2005 when the few influencers are wearing the eyebrow slits with a different look, for more feminine and the whiter than the hip-hop one.

There are a lot of eyebrow slit variations available. One of the fun facts about the slit eyebrow is, Jason Momoa the actor who is most known for having eyebrow cut and for playing Khal Drogo in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

He got his eyebrow slit not because he thought it looked cool on him. But, in 2008 Momoa got into a bar fight and won his eye with a pint glass. The glass was shattered which ended up giving him his signature eyebrow slit.

He was happy that he got it, though he has shifted his career from being a young model to more masculine roles. 

How To Do Eyebrow Slits?

A Slit eyebrow can be permanent or just temporary, it all depends on you how you like to do it.

You can also get your slit eyebrow done by the beautician, cosmetologist, or barber who has the experience to handle the hair.

However, you can also make your own eyebrow slit at home with the help of a razor, electric shaver, and tape, or some concealer.

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Here are some ways to create a perfect eyebrow slits shaving eybrow

What Do You Need To Do Eyebrow Slits?

  • A razor or an electric clipper
  • Tweezers 
  • Scotch Tape

Step 1:- Draw Vertical Lines On Your Eyebrow

Vertical Lines On Your Eyebrow slit

Before you begin, you make sure that where you want the slits on your brow. Then consider the thickness of eyebrows.

Use a white eyeliner pencil to mark vertical lines where you want the slits on your eyebrow. These vertical lines ensure precision and accuracy.

Step 2:- Place The Parallel Tape To The Line For Creating Slit Eyebrow

Place The Tape  on your eyebrow

In this step, firstly take some scotch tape and stick on both sides of the line. Make sure to leave a gap in the middle.

This gap can help you to know where you will create your eyebrow slits. The two bits of tape will act as a guide, and it will help you with a straight line and prevent you from making any errors.

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Step 3:- Shave In Between The Two Pieces Of Tape

Shave eyebrow

In this step, carefully move the razor down, against the grain. After placing the tap then shave brow hair between the two pieces of tape for creating perfect slit eyebrow.

Try to just only move vertically! Ensure you don’t press too hard or go outside the lines. Do not remove the tape from the rest of your brow.

Step 4:- Remove The Tape For Slit Eyebrow

eyebrow on slit

After shaving the brow hair then remove the gently tape from the brow. But be careful while removing the tape, so that you don’t pull out any eyebrow hair. Use your finger and some fresh water to wipe away the white eyeliner.

On the chance, if you have missed one or two hairs, just pull it with your tweezers. Now you have a slit in your eyebrows.

Step 5:- Repeat This Step On Other Parts Of Your Eyebrows (If You Desired)

two eyebrow cuts

In this step, If you only want one side eyebrow slit then you can stop here. If you want each side on eyebrow slits.

Then repeat this process of applying tape on the other side of the line and cutting it down the middle.

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How To Do Eyebrow Slits With Makeup

Before putting any makeup on your face or brow, it is necessary to first clean your face. Gently clean and moisturize your brow before creating slits of an eyebrow.

Here are the few steps of creating the perfect eyebrow slits. 

1. Filling The Eyebrow For Creating Slit Eyebrow 

creating eyebrow slit with makeup

Gently comb your brow hairs with the spoolie or brow comb to shape the eyebrows. Then create a more defined line and tame unruly hairs for the perfect slit.

After combing the eyebrow hair then use an angled makeup brush. With the eyebrow powder fill your eyebrows in and to make your brows look thicker. But make sure that your eyebrow powder shade will match the color of your brow hair.

The bolder and thicker looking eyebrows can help to make your slits more noticeable on your brows.  

2. Apply Concealer Around The Brows 

Always use a concealer according to your skin tone. Then apply the concealer around the edges of the eyebrows.

After applying the concealer gently blend the concealer into your skin so that you can’t see any edges of the makeup skin around the eyebrows.

Concealer will help you to match the match of your eyebrow slit with the shade of your skin tone around the eyebrows.

For rubbing the concealer you can use an applicator brush or your fingers. 

3. Create Slit Eyebrow

creating eyebrow slit with concealer

Take a small, flat brush from your makeup kit and dip it into the same color concealer that you used around the eyebrows. Then cover the tip of the small detailing brush with the concealer. 

4. Press The Detailing Brush Against The Eyebrows

Before creating the slit eyebrow firstly choose the place where you want to create the slits. After choosing the place then dab the detailing brush against the brow and apply the concealer on your eyebrows.

Simply move the brush up and down to darken the line and also try to keep the edges as clean as possible. 

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5. Let The Concealer Dry

Concealer Dry

After applying the concealer your brow leaves them for 4 minutes to dry. Gently fan down the wet concealer it will halo you to speed up the drying process.

Before moving on to another next step make sure that your concealer has dried. 

6. Apply Translucent Powder On the Eyebrow

Once the concealer dries then use a fatter foundation brush and press it into a translucent makeup powder.

The light dab the foundation brush over your eyebrow slits and around also around the eyebrows.

This will help you to make your slit eyebrow look more natural and also help to blend everything together. 

7. Blend The Makeup For Perfect Slit Eyebrow

makeup for eyebrow slit

After creating the slit eyebrow, apply the makeup on the rest of the face.

Gently blend your makeup so that the concealer around your eyebrows does not have any hard lines or makes any drastic color changes in your complexion.

Once your makeup is done, then you will also have created the artificial slits eyebrows. You can easily remove these artificial eyebrow cuts by simply taking off your makeup. 

The Advantage of creating eyebrows with makeup is that it will be eliminated very easily.

It can also be a good choice for those people who want to experience the look without actually having to commit to more permanent hair removal.

This method of creating eyebrow slits tends to work best on individuals with very thin or sparse eyebrows.

But those people who have thick eyebrows, then it may be necessary to do some trimming and also thinning first so that the appearance of a slit eyebrow is credible. 

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Does Slit Eyebrow Grow Back?

grow your eyebrow slit hair

Well expecting your eyebrows to grow back to look like every day full eyebrows depends on the method that you use for creating the eyebrow cut.

Creating the eyebrow cut slit-like through the makeup is definitely temporary as makeup can wear off after a few hours to a day, it also depends on the makeup quality.

If you do the eyebrow hair cut, trimmed, and shaved to create the gap, then it may grow back after a few weeks or few days. Eyebrow hair growth depends on how fast your body will grow the hair.

Some people add a few drops of the castor oil on their eyebrows slit, to speed up the process of hair growth, but there is no scientific evidence that fully supports this method.

However, the hair follicles of the eyebrow are very sensitive. So if you constantly wax or pluck a certain area of the eyebrows. Eventually, it could permanently damage the hair root until the point that hair will stop regrowing.

If this will happen on your brow then it will be flat with a Permanente slit eyebrow that can’t grow back.

If you also get into an accident like Jason Momoa that damages the follicle layer of the skin, then it will be impossible for hair to grow back.

Well, using eyebrow makeup is still an option if you want to hide the gaps. 

How To Cut Eyebrows: Tips and precautions.

Here is something to consider before you slit you starting to slit the eyebrows is that you can potentially end up with regrowth issues forever.

Yes, you can do this because the aggressive plucking of the brow hairs can lead to permanent alopecia. But if you want to just experiment with the cut of eyebrows without committing to something permanent.

Then you can also try the other temporary techniques like creating a slit eyebrow with the help of makeup. For this, you just need regular brow makeup techniques and concealers to create these cuts. 

Go ahead and use these steps for perfect slit eyebrow and get a stunning look. If you like this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to friends or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank You! 

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