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15 Stylish Feathered Hair Ideas And How To Cut Them


Feathered hair is something that has been in and out of style spotlight since the ’70s. But now this hair look is seen even into the more stylish look than ever!

Feathered hair cut or step cutting is usually styled back at the side which can create the feather look. This haircut has been changed and also modernized over the years and now these cuts are worn in the many colors and also created with the different hair lengths.

Feathered hair is the technique that can turn any texture hair into a voluminous and edgy masterpiece.

Keep reading this blog to find out how feathered hair is different from the layer cuts and how this hairstyle will change your look for the better!  

What Is A Feathered Hair Cut?

Feathered Hair Cut

A feathered hair is one of the classic hairstyles that was made popular by the Farrah Fawcett during the 1970’s television show, Charlie’s Angels.

This haircut got the name because of the hairstyle that will resemble like the feathers of a bird.

The Farrah Fawcett hair look was an icon for a generation and became popular with both men and women. They are also designed to look almost like a bird’s feathers, giving the style its name.

Feathered hair cut is the result of layers of hair and features either a side or the center part. It now basically refers to any fine texture layered style. Feather cuts for the long hair are called a long shag hair cut or long layer feather hair cut.

This haircut is achieved by pulling the hair straight up toward the sky and then cutting the hair into a V-shape. Thus the feather cut has shorter length hair at the center of the head and progressively for the longer lengths toward the sides.

Feather cuts also go very well on the colored hairs and you can also play with the color on any feather cut hairstyle to give yourself a different and gorgeous look.

One of the best things about the feathered haircut is that it not only gives a different dimension altogether but also makes your medium and long hairstyle look more voluminous.

As far as the variations that will concern in the feather cut hairstyle, You will never get tired with the feathered hairstyles. Feather hair is also done in a different way like the plain cut and also he layered hairs. Its hairstyle looks great on curly hairs too.  

What Is The Difference Between Feather Cut And Layer Haircut?

Layer Haircut

Feathered Hair Cut

The feathered hair is in fact a layered cut. The two of pop culture’s most memorable haircuts are Farrah Fawcett’s 70’s feathered hair cut and Jennifer Aniston’s 90’s.

The Rachel cut is one the best way to illustrate the difference between feathered and layered hairstyles. The feathering is the texturizing technique that can shape the ends of your tresses, while the layering is just cut that creates variable lengths throughout the hair.

The terms of feathering also explain how the hairstylist uses the scissors to texturize your tresses.

In the feathered hairstyle, the scissors are going at a 90-degree angle against the ends of the hair and it moves in a fall like the motion and cuts the hair in a slight V-shape. The result of feathered hair is lighter, wispy ends that will reduce bulk. 

Layer Haircut

Layered hairstyles feature the strands cut in a variety of lengths. This look is not good for the long hair, but it also looks great on pixie and bobs layered cuts.

The layered hairstyle will create the illusion of longer and more voluminous hair. By cutting the long or short layers into the hair, oomph, and extra texture forms that will take your look on the extra level.

When you determine what kind or type of layers you go then take into account the thickness and style of your natural hair this will help you to completely nail the look.

Some women use the layers thin out thick, unruly hair while some others use it to simply and add dimension and depth into the hair. This hairstyle is a very low maintenance style which offers a number of benefit for all kind of hairs, including:

More volume: layers will give the hair more body by lifting the strands away from your face and also add some height at the root. 

Lighter Tresses: It won’t weigh you down the hair thanks to layers. 

Faster Dry Time: Thanks to the lighter hair, styling these layered locks will be a less time-consuming task for you. 

Step Cut vs Layer Cut vs Feather Cut Hairstyle 

Step Cut vs Layer Cut

There are some similarities between a step cut, feather cut, and layer cut, but there are also some factors that will distinguish the three from each other.

As noted, the layers are one of the features of feathered hair. However, it is more than just layer hair. The feathering is a technique that is used to give the texture to your hair, shaping the end of your locks.

It focuses more on the technique hair stylists that use as they hold the scissors at a ninety-degree angle against the hair cut in a V-shape. This will create a feather effect on the hair.

Meanwhile, the layer cutting involves the different length throughout your hair, This hairstyle can give mare volume, lighter tresses, and shorter dry time to the hair. 

Step Cut

While the step cut is a type of layer that has the spacing in between the layers. In this cutting hair, layers are not blended, you can easily see the steps on your hair.

Which means you will see the layers more in a step cut than you do in a layered cut.  Step cutting is a term that is used for the graduated haircut. In the step cutting the hair will takes the form of cascading steps.

In step cutting women most prefer to go with a 2 step cut where the shortest layer is just above the shoulders and the next one a few inches below.  These layers are made to curl out easily.

Step haircut gives a bounce to your hair and it looks very fashionable. The step cut layers don’t give the bounce to hair but it will add volume to the hair.

Well, most of the people are really confused about the difference between these amazing and pretty haircuts because they seem the same. There are many similarities between these haircuts but it is a bit different also.

In step cutting, there is a 3inches gap between in each step that you can easily see different steps and these steps give you bounce to hair. This hair cut never gets an old haircut. So check out these top trending Farrah Fawcett hair cut. 

Top Trending Feathered Hair Look

1. Long Layered Feathered Hair 

Long Layered

Essentially, this long layers hairstyle is achieved by leaving your lock long and just cutting your hair into only a few inches from the ends.

For achieving these layers the first aim is to avoid the choppy, severe lines and giving you the long layer which makes this look perfect. Achieving this look asks your hairstyles r for the long, softer layers and the result of this is extra volume and texture. 

Depending on the face shapes, the long feathered hair Layers look good on round face shape. This haircut is one of the best haircuts for round faces. Because the long hair always gives the elongating effect to the round face shape and also the layers here only add to that.

Parting your hair in the middle and layer, curves are started somewhere around the chin for a perfect look. If you have wide cheeks or a broad forehead then this look gives you a fantastic end.

It will also accentuate your overall facial structure while it helps you to draw the attention away from the cheeks and forehead. 

2. Medium Layered Hair

Medium layers feathered hair cut is perfect for the thicker hair ladies or women with naturally wavy hair. In this hairstyle the layers begin around the face, sometimes as high as the cheekbone.

Just ensuring that the waves of the feather cut accentuate and subtle. The secret of these layers is because they add more movement in the hair naturally. Medium layered feather hair cuts require minimal hair styling. 

3. Shoulder Length Layered Hair 

Shoulder Length

Shoulder length hair can somewhat be a trick when you are trying to style your shoulder length hair in different ways. However, adding some layers into your shoulder-length hair can have a huge impact.

Opt for the subtle layers th at begin at the jawline for some shape, structure and to mix up to your loo. Try to experiment with the different parts that suit your face shape. 

4. V Cut Hair With Feathered Hair

The V- layer hair cut is one of the most sought after hairstyles all over the globe.  Because this hairstyle is unique and different finish to hairstyle, with the ends forming a V as the name of the hair cut.

One of the best things about this hairstyle is, it can give the voluminous and father below the face, which can make your face look smaller than will also accentuate your facial feature.

If you want to transform this look, then add long layers finely cut through the ends of the tresses from some subtle movement.

When you are styling your V-cut feather hair then use a hair straightener to create soft curls to accentuate your face shape. The result of this hairstyle sophisticate and also modern. 

5. Layered Haircut For Thin Hair 

Layered Haircut

Styling thin hair can be tricky and they can end up looking dull and flat. One the best and ideal solution for the thin hair is to add some layers of feathered hair throughout your tresses.

The feathered hairstyle will give you a serious transformation to your thin hair. So say goodbye limp hair and say hello to your lustrous waves. If you want to add oomph, then work a volume mousse into the damp hair and style your hair according to your preferences.

6. Curly Feathered Bob 

The top trendy curly feathered bob hairstyle is more natural than the hairstyling.

The feather hair look requires some layering because of the shape of the curls but the natural direction and ending towards the outside do the entire styling themselves.

The singer Anna Nalick looks sexy and hot with her curly hairstyle and also dramatic dark eye makeup.

The auburn locks will look amazing with the structure of curls at the bottom of the hair and a side-swept bang that will accentuate her facial features well.

If you want to get Anna’s playful tight curls, wrap the small sections of hair around a curling tong and then hold your hair in place until they are set. Then spritz the good amount of hairspray that can help you to keep the curl in place. 

7. Side-Swept Feathered Bob


The Scandal Actress Kerry Washington will look gorgeous with her big curly side-swept feathered bob hairstyles.

The glossy locks have been styled with the mass of bouncy curls at the bottom of the hair which can give her hairstyle a playful and romantic look. If you want to perfect undone curls like the Kerry’s.

Then use volumizing hair mousse, a roller, or a thick curling wand to create volume and glamorous curls. After styling your set your curls with the help of some hairspray to tame any pesky flyaways and get the perfect hairstyle.   

8. Short Blonde Balayage 

Short Blonde  Balayage hair

Balayage hairstyle is one of the most popular hair trends, so why not combine it with a feathered hair look for creating this fun style?

Combining the balayage with the layers will help you to create the perfect blend look. Well, the long hair is considered the ideal for the feathered hair, but the short hair cut into a bob style also looks stylish.

Setting this bob apart its layers can provide the texture all around, including the around the face with some additional flair with the back haircut. The feathered hair with bangs will help to shape the face. 

9. Blonde Feathered Hair 

This blonde feathered hair look is great for those who have thin hair. The length of this hairstyle can be somewhere between the medium and long.

The ends of the hair are sharp and it will be layered. Hair flipped on one side of the other for making the ends more visible and accent.

The thin hair will provide you the option for wearing the layers straight or the slight curves. For the perfect blonde hairstyle use big hair rollers to create these voluptuous waves with the feather ends in the lower half of your hair.

These steps cam softens the jawline, and make this hairstyle ideal for the diamond and square face shapes. 

10. Straight Feathered Hair

Straight Hair

The ladies with straight hair can be styling them a little bit tricky. But fear, not the feathering texture can also be done on the long and straight hair.

The layering is present to the side and a bit at the back hair is just enough for creating the form and shape of the hairstyle.

Adding layers in your haircut will give some depth and movement to the simplistic look. Be sure with the straight hair as these somewhat look thin as it is, so it makes that layers are subtle.

11. Feathered Hair With Bangs 

Feathered hair with bangs is one of the cute and stylish hairstyles. In this, we have long hair with feathered layers.

For adding more dimension, color your hair with a blonde shade and pair with bangs. By adding the bangs to the feathered hair, will create a more vintage-looking hairstyle.

If you want to recreate this bright look or try this haircut in a different color. The blonde would be a perfect look for the summer session. 

12. Front And Side Layers

Front And Side Layers

If you want to style your hair without cutting your hair too much then this feathered hair look is perfect for you. This hairstyle is one of the super stylish ways to frame your face.

The Heidi Klum has kept all the things simple with this feathered look by straightening the top half of her hair and only subtly feathering out the ends with a blowdryer.  

How To Feather Your Hair?

Feathered hair cut was a popular hairstyle in the 70s and 80s, especially among with the long hair. This hairstyle has a lot of body and volume, but is relatively easy to achieve and can be done with or without layers.

If you want to achieve the perfect best feathering hair look you will need to layer in the hair. For this, you probably want to go to a professional to have this done.

You can also achieve the feathered hair look yourself if you are good at haircutting. But if you don’t have that much experience of cutting your hair, then ask a professional that can help you to get a feathered hair look.

Your hairstyle should know what you mean so he will be able to give you that look. Before getting a haircut  you want to figure out what type of feathered haircut you want for your hair.

You can have long hair feathered layers or short hair feathered hair. Before going to a salon or cutting your hair, decide if you want a long or short look. To know that look at the pictures of feather cut online this will help you.

Getting the feathers hair cuts from the 70s hair usually had the bangs that parted down from the middle. So, you really want a Farrah Fawcett hair look then have bangs cut in your hair.

You can do 70s hair look without layering hair, but the layered hair does help to create the more feathery look around your face.

If you don’t want a hair cut then you can also get this hair cut by just styling them and also don’t worry about adding the layers. 

How To Cut Your Own Hair In Layers?

1. Check Yourself Out In The Mirror

Girl In The Mirror

Since, if you are cutting your feathered hair at home then take extra time to examine it in the mirror and decide where you want the layers to be. Just take your face picture and print it out and then mark out where you want the layers to go.

Some people like a long, and natural-looking layers of hair cut, while some others choose bolder looks with sharper distinctions between the different hair lengths. Take the following factors into all the consideration:

Hair texture: layering will add the body into hair, especially when some of the layers are short in the length. But if your hair is already full-bodied or curly hair, then you may want to go for the longer layers which don’t differ much to frame your face. 

Know your Face Shape: Before cutting your hair firstly think about what type of layer length is right according to your face shape. For example longer layers look gorgeous with the square and round face shape, the short layers look good on the oval or heart-shaped face. 

Style preferences: If you like to try a certain celebrity look or the popular hairstyle then just figure out how to make it work with your hair. Also popularly decide where the layers fall, how your hair parted, and how you will also style your hair in the end. 

2. What You Need 

comb and scissor

Good pair of scissors is one of the most important too that you need to make sure that your hair turns out to look great. You will need sharp, professional-grade pair barber scissors which called a shear.

Because using kitchen scissors or craft scissors will not give you the desired look that you want. So for the [perfect feathered hair just go with a good pair of scissors from a beauty store or the drugstore.

Also, work in a well-lit place with all the access to the sink and mirror which is probably the bathroom. Have a towel handy to drape over your soldiers, set of hair clips for holding the back sections of your hair.

You will also need a second mirror for checking out the back of your hair and it is also necessary. 1 spray bottle that fills with water to keep your hair damp, the amount of water depends on how fast your hair gets dries. 

3. Prepare Your Hair Feather Hair 

Before cutting your hair gently wash your hair with a shampoo that suits you. After washing your hair, condition them gently. After gently washing, comb your hair and detangle them thoroughly.

If your hair is straight or fine then use a hairbrush. While your hairs are curly, then use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair. Then towel your hair to dry so that it’s damp, but not dipping.

Washing hair will help you to achieve the best results and give you a perfect feather cut. Because the natural oils of the scalp will produce a weight to your strands down a bit more.

Therefore the length of hair may shrink up a bit after the first wash. Here is The step by step guidance on How To Cut Your Own Hair In Layers.

Method 1: Feathered Hair Cutting

1. Divide Your Hair Into Sections Before Feathered Hair Cutting 

Divide Hair Into Sections

If you want modern aesthetics fashionably feathered look, then just make sure that the layers of your on either side of your head are the same length.

In other words, you can say that the layers at your temples should be the same length. Also, the layers of feather cut behind your ears should be the same in the length.

For achieving the modern aesthetic fashionable feathers cut just divide your hair into the sections by the layer. Also, make sure that your parts are straight and also even.

Firstly make a top box section for this comb your hair and then create the two parts. One section on the left side of the head and another on the right side of the head.

And the top box section of hair between these two layers. Then divide your top box into two parts. The first part of the top box extends from the crown of your head to the forehead.

The second part will extend from the crown of your head to the nape of the neck. Clip all the sections on the place by using hair clips. Then make the right and left sections.

These front sections start at your temples and end at the top of the ears. Gently comb both sections and hold them up by using the hair clips. Leave the back section of your hair loose.

Because you are not cutting the longest part of the hair. That’s why leave the back section down as a guide against which helps to measure the other layers. 

2. Trim The Front Top Box

Now it’s time for trimming and unclipping the front top box section for feather hair. Lift your front box section at a 90-degree angle from your head and then hold it straight between your forefinger and also middle finger.

Keeping the front section between the fingers, just bring it down in front of the face. Then slide gently slide your fingers towards the tips of hair until you reach the level with the place where you want to start cutting the layer.

Trim the length of your hair by sticking out from between the fingers. Extending the hair  90 degrees straight out from the head is producing a uniformly layered haircut.

It’s common to cut the first shortest layer just below the earlobe or right at your jawline. You can also use the picture that you choose for yourself as a reference.

While for the longer hair the softest cut of the layer is right at the shoulders. Err on the side is making the longer layer of hair, rather than the shorter layer of hair, than what you want it to be.

When your hair gets dries then they will get shrink up a little, So you can always cut more hair if you need to. 

3. Trim The Right Section Of Hair 

Trim The Right

Now unclip the front right section of your hair and comb them for feathered hair. Then light the hair with your finger at a ninety-degree angle from your head.

Hold the hair straight between the forefinger and middle finger. Bring down the hair side of your face and then slide your fingers towards the tips of your hair until you reach that place where you want to cut the side layers of your hair.

With the help of scissors just trim the length of hair by extending from your fingers. Trim your hair at an angle rather than in a horizontal line so you will get the softer looking layers. 

4. Trim The Front Left Section

After trimming the right section clip them by hair clip. Now clip the front left section of your hair. Gently light your hair with the fingers at a 90-degree angle from your head like the right section.

Hold your hair straight between the forefinger and the idle finger. Bring down the hair side of your face and gently slide your fingers toward the tips of the front left section, until you reach the level where the right side of your hair layer cut.

By using the scissors just trim the length of your hair by extending from your fingers. 

5. Trim The Back Section Of Your Hair

After trimming the front section now its time to cut the back section of hair for a perfect feathered hair cut.  So if you want then you can also add layers on both sides and also the back of your hair.

For this use your second mirror frequently to check your all work. Lift the small section of hair from the back and then trim them with the scissors. Always remember that the layers of the back section of hair should be the longest layer.

So avoid cutting the back section hair too short, because they should be just as long or longer then the other layers of your feathered hair cut. 

6. Examine The Feather hairstyle

After cutting all the sections, unclip the hair and gently comb. After finishing that check all of the layers to make sure that all the layers are fall where you want them to fall.

Cross-check your feather cut by examining the hair horizontally and vertically. If you see any layer uneven then carefully trim the trim to making them look even. 

Method 2: Feathered Hair Cutting  


1. Make A Ponytail Top Of The Head

This is one of the easiest ways to cut feather hair. For this just comb your hair and detangle them. If your hair is curly then use a wide-tooth comb.

Before cutting hair also make sure that your hair is completely dry so your hair doesn’t shrink up after cutting them. Then just turn your head upside down and with the help of a comb gather all the hair.

Before securing your hair with an elastic band flip your head right side up, check in the mirror that the placement of your ponytail is center. Then, secure your ponytail with the help of an elastic band at the top of the head.

Make sure that your ponytail is on the top of your scalp not at the crown of your head. Because this will ensure the layers that will be positioned correctly. And also ensure that your ponytail not cocked to one side because this gives you uneven layers. 

2. Slide The Elastic Down 

After marking the ponytail determine how much length you want to cut off. If you want short layers, then stop sliding the elastic several inches from the tip of your hair.

While, if you want long layers then slide it down until it’s about one inch from the end of the ponytail. Alternatively, just slide your fingers down instead of the elastic band. This method is more beneficial for those who have longer hair. 

3. Cut off The End Of Your Hair

With the help of scissors just chop off the section which is sticking out from the ponytail. If your hair is thick, then it may take more than one sip to get through all of the layers.

Also, make sure that you will cut all your hair in the exact same place. Don’t cut your hair at an angle or the layers that will look jagged. Also, make sure to hold the scissors horizontally and then cut the hair straight across. 

4. Examine Your Feathered Hair style 

After cutting your hair remove the elastic and then examine your layers. If you find any hair uneven then gently trim it to look even. You will now have even natural-looking layers that are around your head. Trim your hair individual pieces if you want to alter your feathered hair look. 

How To Layering The Different Hair Lengths

 Layering hair cut

The certain hair lengths are easier to layer then the others. Creating feather cuts for long hair tends to be simpler to do on yours.

However, it is possible to achieve the hair cut that you are carving, whatever your hair length. Here are some feathered hair cut for different hair lengths. 

Feather Cut For Long Hair 

Feathered haircut is one best that can change up a hairstyle instantly. For this you don’t need to go to a salon for the basic layers, you can also do this own their own.

Layer At The Back 

Gently comb your hair and detangle them thoroughly. Then bend forward and flip all your hair in front. Grab all the with the help of a comb and tie into a ponytail two inches below the hairline.

After tying your hairbrush your hair again and then tie another elastic band at the point where you want to cut your hair. Then place your two fingers on either side of your hair above the second elastic band.

Spread out your hair evenly and cut it straight across. If you want to feather your hair ends, hold the scissors vertically and cut them upwards.

But be careful while you are cutting your hair. After cutting the hair remove both elastic bands then flip your hair back and brush your hair. 

Layers At The Front

Gently comb your hair and detangle them. Leave the front hair and clip off the rest of your hair. You can also take some hair that falls on the side.

Allow your hair to fall on your face and brush them a few times. Take the hair in the center of this section then, place a finger over and under of it. Cut that section of hair by using the pint-cut method.

Keep the center hair as a reference and it also depends on how many side layers you want. Then cut the rest of your hair a few centimeters below that section.

Once you finish the cutting then brush all the hair to make sure it’s even. Prat the hair the way you want and also unclip the rest of your hair. 

2. Medium Feathered Hair  

If you have medium hair then cutting your feathered hair own is a little bit trickier for you. It also depends on the length and layered hairstyle that you want. 

For instance, you may do after a razor haircut for something with more movement. Otherwise, just follow the above-mentioned steps.

These steps will help you to create the perfect feathered hairstyle that looks beautiful on you. 

3. Short Feathered Hair 

The person who has short hair also follows the same steps to get a feathered hair cut.

But the person who has short hair should need to be extra careful when you are cutting because there will be a little room for the error.

Layers which are too short are difficult to style and they have also some tendency to look awkward. When you are cutting your short hair in layers, then cut your middle section of hair in ½ an inch shorter than the bottom layers of hair.

While the top layers of your hair are ½ shorter than your middle section layers. 

Go ahead and try these amazing feathered hair looks. If you like this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook.


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