Flea Bites

Flea Bites: What Do Flea Bite Look Like On Humans

Flea bites are cause itching, swelling and they also stick around for days. These fleas bytes are tiny parasites that can irritate us in many ways. The presence of fleas bites is one of the most annoying, while their bites can inflame the skin of both the people or their pets.

It’s vital to know how to handle these flea bites and how to prevent future problems. If you want to know how to treat flea bites and what to do if you get infected with them. Then keep reading this blog to know everything about the flea bites. 

What Is Flea?

Flea is the parasitic insect that feeds the blood of mammals and birds. These fleas are very small insects about the quarter of an inch in length. Fleas do not have wings, but they have long hind legs which are designed for jumping.

There are more than 2,200 species of fleas all over the world. But the flea that mostly infects the dogs is not the dog flea, these are cat fleas and scientifically known as Ctenocephalides fleas.

These fleas reproduce quickly and they often live in fabrics and carpets. Human and non-human are the risks of fleabites, which can be painful and itchy.

Fleas also carry human diseases, and one of the most famous examples of this was the plague. Having your own pet can increase the risk of a flea infection, but not only pet owners are at the risk.

Fleas also enter the home on any fur or fabrics, once they enter your home, then they rapidly become a nuisance. 

What Do Fleas Look Like?

What Do Fleas Look Like

Fleas are tiny bugs and they don’t grow much larger than the tip of a pen. The adult fleas are about 1/12 to 1/8 inch long and they don’t have wings, they only get around by jumping from place to place.

They have flat bodies and hard shells, so you often need to squeeze them between fingernails or two hard surfaces to kill them.

They are dark reddish-brown in color and have six long legs, so they can jump very high and far about 200 times their body length.

Flea larvae are pale white and measure about 3 mm in length and resemble tiny worms.

The adult fleas lay their eggs in the hair of their host. The female flea can lay as many as 50 eggs a day and an average of 27 eggs a day up the 100 days. 

Can Humans Get Fleas?

Can humans get Fleas? It is one of the common questions that everyone wants to know. Fleas bites on humans are less common because most flea spices prefer to make their pets hosts.

Sometimes a flea bites on humans without making them a host. This is the case of a cat flea. The other instances, fleas will settle on the human hosts, if there is no other source of nutrition available for them.

Fleas bites on humans can cause different reactions in people according to the types of fleas. 

What Do Fleabites Look Like On Humans? 

 Do Fleabites Look Like On Humans

Flea bites on humans usually appear around the ankles, legs, or feet. Flea bite on humans is also common around the breasts, armpits, groin, waist, or in the folds of the knees and elbow. 

But if they get uncontrolled, then they can spread across the body and bite anywhere. The flea bites look like a small red spot that appears in the groups of three or four or they sometimes appear in a line.

You can notice a red halo around the center bite. Many flea bites do not produce a reaction in humans, so they will go unnoticed. 

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How Do Fleas Bite Humans?

The answer to the question of do fleas bite humans is yes. Because humans are the secondary option of flea bites when it comes to fleabites, as they do not make good hosts.

So, the humans become targets of hungry adult fleas, who have not yet found the family pets or another or the suitable hosts.

If the child or an adult happens to crawl or walk an adult flea that has just emerged from its cocoon because they’re the first option of the meal for them.  

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What Are The Symptoms Of Flea Bites Human?

 Symptoms Of Flea Bites Human

The symptoms of flea bites humans do not develop are noticeable. In general, fleas do not carry any disease. People and small children who are allergic may experience a bad reaction on their body.

Flea bites have several common symptoms like experiencing very itching and skin around each bite may become more painful or sore. People also experience hives or develop a rash near the site of a bite.

Scratching a lot can also further damage the skin and potentially cause a bacterial infection in the area of the flea bites.

So, avoid scratching if you can also monitor your bite for signs of an infection including rash, or white-topped blisters. In most of the cases, a flea bite allergy, or flea bite become dermatitis, but it is not life-threatening.

But it is important to keep an eye on your symptoms and see your doctor. The allergies to a flea bite on humans usually lead to rash and hives.

The flea bites rash typically consists of several bumps that may even bleed or itch, and they usually locate in joint folds, the armpit, or in the skin folds.

These rashes normally turn white when pressed. It is also important to note that scratching the rash can cause it to spread to other parts of the body and prolong the symptoms.

If you have a sensitivity to flea bites not a full-blown, then the severe allergy that you may notice that the bite swells larger than it normally causes.

The symptoms of allergic reactions that need medical emergency include swelling, difficulty in breathing, swelling of the tongue or lips, nausea, chest pain, and dizziness. 

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Can Fleas Bite Humans Cause Danger?

For humans, the risk of contracting another disease from the flea is very small. Bacteria can get into the human body through the bite and it causes infections, especially when you scratch them.

An infected flea bite will turn red, warm, and it may also release pus.  The most common and primary compilation of flea bites are allergic reactions and secondary complication is infection.

If a person is bitten and begins to show the following symptoms, then they should seek medical attention immediately. 

  • Nausea
  • Swelling on lips or face 
  • Difficulty in breathing

Sometimes flea bite may also become infected, if the affected person has swollen glands, excessive redness, or extreme pain around the bite, then they should speak with a doctor.

In some cases, fleas also carry diseases that can be transmitted through bites such as flea-borne spotted fever, typhus, cat scratch fever, and plague.

Do Fleas Bite People Without Pets At Home?

Yes, fleas bite people who have no pets at home. Because if you don’t have a pest then these flea bites have come from your yard or another person’s animal.

Fleas prefer to stay in tall grass and shaded areas near the woodpiles, decks, or the storage of buildings. Just like pet owners treat their homes if their pets become infested.

So, just like them getting rid of an outdoor flea infection you also require to treat the yard. If you find battling tiny red bites on your body after a day in your yard, then immediately consult with the pest control experts. 

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How To Prevent Flea Bites On Humans?

There are a few measures that can help you to avoid being bitten by the fleas. Just follow these steps below and protect you and your family from the flea bites. 

1. Eat Garlic

Eat Garlic

Flea bites are don’t relish the taste of garlic, that’s why eating garlic can help you to prevent the flea bites. So add lots of garlic in your meal and prepare your favorite Italian dish.

Or make moules marines, and soup up all that garlicky goodness with some garlic bread. But don’t give garlic to your dog because the garlic is toxic for them. 

2. Citrus Spray

Citrus Spray

Fleas do not like the smell of citrus spray and will avoid anything with this smell. Applying lemon spray on you and around the house can help to stay away from the fleas. You can also make the citrus spray at home.

Take a lemon and slice them into the thin pieces. Then take a container or pan and pour some water and a slice of lemon into it, then place this container on the heat and boil the mixture.

Turn off the heat and leave the mixture for the overnight. In the morning spray it into the areas you suspect the fleas hang out. This method can help you to prevent future flea bites and make you smell nice in the bargain. 

3. Use Essential Oil 

Use Essential Oil

Essential oils can help to ward off the fleas because the smell of essential oils is strong so use this to your advantage. Create the tinctures or mix the essential oil directly onto your skin.

It will give relief from fleas. Apply eucalyptus oil on the problem area, Because eucalyptus oil is another offensive smell for the fleas. Take some eucalyptus oil and mix them into the spray bottle with some water.

Then spray the mixture on your arms and ankles. You can also use the lavender oil on the affected areas because lavender oil is like eucalyptus oil and offensive to fleas so apply the lavender oil like eucalyptus oil.

Use cedarwood oil on the affected areas. Or you can also sprinkle a few cedar chips into your pillow or at the base of the bed. This will discourage the fleas from living in the area. 

You can also apply an insecticide inside and outside of your home. So fleas can take a long time to hatch, you can also purchase an insecticide with a growth inhibitor. Purchase nematodes for the yard, these are small worms that feed on fleas. Ladybugs are also flea- eaters.   

How Long Do Flea Bites Last?

Usually, flea bites go away without any treatment. If you want to stop being bitten you have to get rid of the fleas themselves. Well, the answer of how long do flea bites last,is  it depends on the person that is bitten with them.

In most of the cases, flea bites last only within 24 to 48 hours. In fact, most people are don’t know that they were bitten by fleas. But not all the people are overcome by the flea bites pretty well.

The people who are pretty much sensitive with the flea saliva considers as the main culprit to flea bite itching. The people who are more sensitive with the flea bites are experiencing intense itching from the flea bites.

The rashes become swollen welts which can last from one to two weeks. Giving relief of flea bites symptoms apply antihistamine and anti-itching creams. Also, avoid scratching the flea bites areas.

In the worst cases, it will cause allergic reactions and infections. So if you feel nausea with the swelling on your face, pain around the bite, and difficulty in breathing then immediately consult with the doctor. 

How To Get Rid Of Flea Bites Of Human

1. Wash The Are Of Flea Bites 

Wash The Are Of Flea Bites

When you get bitten with the Fleas then gently wash the flea bites with warm soapy water. But make sure that the water is not too hot because it aggravates the inflamed areas on the skin.

Then apply an antiseptic such as running alcohol or witch hazel with the help of cotton balls on the flea bites. After that apply an ice pack on the affected area to reduce the swelling.

But if you don’t have an ice pack, then wrap some ice in an elastic bandage or place it in a plastic bag. You can also use a bag of frozen vegetables from the ice.

Just place the ice on the affected area for 10 minutes, then remove it for 10 minutes. Do this twice for an hour for better results. 

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2. Avoid The Scratching

Avoid The Scratching

Try to avoid the scratching affected area because it can damage the skin and allow the flea bites infection to occur.

Use itching relief products on the flea bites like calamine lotion or the products that contain hydrocortisone to get relief of itching instead.

3. How To Stop Flea Bites From Itching with Lotion?

 Itching Lotion Apply

Apply the calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream on the affected areas. The hydrocortisone is a mild steroid cream and calamine lotion uses the ferric oxide to treat the mild itchiness.

Both can help to treat the flea bites itching and available over the counter. They are safe to use in quantities directed by the manufacturer. 

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Mosquitos, Bed Bugs, And Flea bites

Most of the people are concerned about bed bugs bites while traveling. The bedbugs and fleas bytes can confuse everyone. So, it is important to know the difference between these common parasites to avoid treating the wrong symptoms and infestation.

The fleabites look like and appear as a tiny red bump that is surrounded by the small patch of inflamed skin. These bites will also tend to continue to occur during the home infestation.

A bed bug bite looks more like that of a mosquito with a large, raised and irritated area. However, the mosquito bite is larger and they do not appear in patterns. 

Mosquito bites mostly occur during the sunset or at night. While fleas can bite at any time. The bed bug will produce the intermittent bites, both bite itch but bed bug bite can appear more inflamed.

Flea bites occur in small clusters which are easily accessible on skin. They can bite anywhere on the body, but the most common parts are feet and ankles. The bed bugs bites appear in a straight pattern.

They can also appear anywhere on the body, the most common area is a face, arms, and neck. One of the biggest differences between the two is the possibility of blisters that form on bed bugs bites. 

Home Remedies To Treat Flea Bites On Humans

The treatment of flea bites can range from simple home remedies to medications. They are easily available and easy to purchase. 

1. How To Stop Flea Bites Itching With Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can help to treat the irritation and swelling. It also helps to soothe and minimize the flea bites itching naturally.

The antiseptic property that presents in the lavender oil can help to prevent the bit from becoming infected. For using this remedy to stop flea bites itching you need Lavender oil and a carrier oil such as almond oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil. 

Take a small bowl and mix a few drops of lavender oil with a carrier oil and mix them well. Then apply this mixture on the affected areas. Use caution if you want to try this remedy for the treatment of flea bite on a baby. Because essential oils are extremely potent and babies are sensitive.  

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2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains soothing properties, that’s why it is commonly used to treat the sunburns. It is not only ideal for the sunburns but it also an ideal plant for the treatment of flea bites.

Aloe vera contains 34 amino acids and 130 active compounds which make them beneficial for skin treatment. 

3. Peppermint Oil 

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil contains cooling and soothing properties that help to treat the flea bites. It also helps to stop the flea bites itching by promoting healing.

Use peppermint essential oil or just crush the peppermint leaves and apply them directly to the affected area.  

4. Oatmeal 


Oatmeal contains inflammation that helps to alleviate the itching and stop the swelling. It can balance the pH levels in the skin and it also locks the moisture into the skin, which helps to calm the irritation that can be caused by the flea bites.

If you have numerous flea bite then you should take an oatmeal bath. The oatmeal bath will include:

  • Fill the bathtub with warm water 
  • Add one cup or the ground of oatmeal in the bathing water 
  • Then gently mix the water and soak it. 

But do not add any soap or other products in the water, because these products may cause the oatmeal to lose their effect. If you also want to use oatmeal without going into a bath.

One of the simple and effective methods of doing, is making an oatmeal paste. 

  • Grind a cup of oatmeal and make a powder 
  • Then add a cup of plain yogurt in the oatmeal powder. 
  • Gently mix both ingredients together and make a smooth paste.
  • Then apply this paste on the flea bites of the skin 
  • Leave them for  20 to 30 minutes 
  • Then rinse the paste with water

Use this remedy three times per day for treating the irritation and itching.  

5. Tea Tree Oil 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains antiseptic properties that will make the best course of action to avoid secondary infections from occurring.

You can apply the tea tree oil directly on the affected areas. But if you notice any adverse reaction on your skin then dilutes the essential oil.

6. Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the cheapest, effective, and simple ways to treat any bug bite. Because it contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to penetrate the skin to soothe itching.

It also helps to treat the irritation and prevent infections. Take a bowl and put 1teaspoon baking soda in the bowl. Add a few drops of water in the baking, then gently mix them and make a smooth paste.

Apply this mixture on the flea bites and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse the paste with warm water and repeat this process until flea bites getaway.

7. Vinegar


Vinegar is one of the best remedies for flea bites treatment. Because it will help to stop the growth of bacteria and it will prevent secondary infections from occurring.

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8. Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a natural antiseptic that has been using to treat many types of bug bites. Because it contains astringent properties that make the witch hazel so effective for the treatment of flea bites.

It can reduce the irritation and inflammation by encouraging the pores to shrink. Take a cotton witch hazel and cotton ball. Then dab this cotton ball into the witch hazel and apply onto bites. Apply this remedy several times a day until the flea bites heal.  

9. Use Coconut Pulp 

Coconut Pulp

Take coconut and cut into the pieces, then put these coconut pieces in the blender, then gently blend them and make a smooth paste. Before applying this paste on the flea bites gently clean the affected area.

After cleaning the bite area rub this paste on the affected area then wrap in a towel for about an hour, and then just wash it off. If you notice any swelling on the bites then do this about three times a day.

Do this again before going to the bed and you will notice that flea bites are almost clear in the morning. If not it will note treat then repeat this process again.  

10. Neem 


Neem is one of the popular treatments for the bug bites, especially for the flea bites. Because the leaves of this plant contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to calm the inflammation, itching, and irritation.

For the best result use only nee leaves. But keep away the neem leaves and plant away from the pets because it is toxic for them. Take a pan and fill some water in it and simmer a handful of neem leaves in the pan.

Place this pan on the heat for 20 minutes then remove the pan and allow the mixture to cool. Then remove the leaves and soak the cotton ball in the solution.

Then dab the cotton ball on the flea bites and gold for 15 minutes. Repeat the process several times a day until the itching gets rid of it.

How To Treat The Flea bites In Babies

Treat The Flea bites In Babies

If you have any flea in your home, that can bite you, your dog, so it can also bite your baby. Well, flea bites are not dangerous for young children but it can cause discomfort.

If the bite will look like little red bumps on your baby skin. They may turn red, swell, and blister. Then ask your pediatrician for the best way to treat the bites according to the child’s age. Treatments include:

  • Washing the area where the fleas bite with water and mild soap. 
  • Give your baby an antihistamine cream or the liquid for stopping the itching
  • Also, cut your child’s nails to prevent them from scratching the bites. 

Immediately call a pediatrician if you see these symptoms in your baby. 

  • If the baby runs a fever
  • Development of hives or shortness of breath
  • Having the bumps that swell up, feel warm to the touch or it leaks fluid.

Ask Your Doctor For Antihistamines For Severe Itching

Sometimes flea bites can cause severe itching that is why you need to take some oral antihistamine. So consult with your doctor or pharmacist that can provide you some suggestions for the otc or the prescription solutions. Some of the antihistamines that they may consider include:

Diphenhydramine and other antihistamines can help you to treat flea bites. Because Diphenhydramine is OTC and provides quick relief if you have severe itching. But it makes users drowsy. So look from the non-drowsy version. 

The Other OTC drug is Tripelennamine hydrochloride it is similar to Diphenhydramine. But the tripelennamine hydrochloride is taken orally. 

If a flea bite can cause severe itching and you will need relief on that OTC antihistamine can’t give you, then ask your doctor About the hydroxyzine, because it works well by reducing the natural histamines in the body. 

For the topical antihistamine, firstly clean the affected area and apply either hydrocortisone or the calamine lotion to ease the itching and decrease the irritation of flea bites. 

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Do Flea Bites On Dogs?

Flea Bites On Dogs

The flea bites on dogs look a lot that they do on human skin. Flea bites on dogs look like tiny red bumps, sometimes with red circles around these bites. If your pet having a thick fur, then it can be harder to spot these bites underneath.

One of the common and telltale signs that your dog has been bitten is a lot of scratching. You also notice that some missing areas of fur or the redness on your pet.

The hunt through the dog’s fur with a comb can reveal these tiny critters. You can easily find these flea bites on the dog’s neck, lower back, belly, and also on the base of the tail.

But if you don’t see the actual fleas, then you may notice the spot on their dropping or dirt. These droppings look like tiny specks of black pepper on your pet.

How To Treat Flea Bites On Dogs Or Other Pets?

If you have a dog or other pets, then flea prevention is important if you want to prevent these flea bites. Pet owners should consult a vet to determine that their pet have any health issue that is caused by the fleas.

Because the vet can suggest the number of inexpensive, easy, and effective ways of flea treatments. After treating the flea bites from the pet, the infestation will need to be removed from your home.

Well, fleas are difficult to destroy, so people might consult a professional exterminator to learn more about it. Here are some treatments of flea bites on dogs or other pets. 

1.  Flea Dips 

One of the quick ways to get rid of flea bites on dogs is a flea dip. Rinses and dips are applied to your pet’s entire coat and work to kill fleas on the spot. They have some residual effects too.

Dips are inexpensive and best performed by professional groomers who have the proper knowledge and equipment to perform this treatment properly. But if you want to do this yourself, then make sure to read the product’s descriptions carefully.

And also perform the dip in well-ventilated areas. It is also important to take the proper steps to protect your pet’s eyes and ear. Most of the dips use pyrethrins to kill fleas because it attacks the flea’s nervous system and causes excessive accomplish this. 

Some of the natural dips contain citrus extracts, specifically d-limonene and linalool to kill fleas. These two natural compounds are extracted from the peels of citrus fruits.

But before using them, it’s important to note that citrus extracts are also toxic for pets. That’s why you need to follow the product’s instructions very carefully before use.  

2. Flea Shampoo 

Flea shampoos are very similar to flea dips, but working with them is easier and may not necessarily require any extra ventilation. Shampoo works well to kill any adult fleas, but it typically has no residual effect.

If you treat your house  with the flea bomb, then shampoo may be a good choice for temporarily removing the fleas and helps to prevent them from bringing them back into your home after it has been treated.

Flea shampoo is a good option for you if you catch the flea infestation early on. If the fleas are not spread to your home, then a quick bath with flea-killing shampoo can help to prevent these fleas from overtaking your home.

Most of the shampoo will require you to apply the products on the pets of the entire coat and allow the solution to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing. 

3. Oral Products 

Oral Chew is available in the markets that will kill the fleas quickly. The only drawback of this product is that it’s out of your pet’s system within 24 hours.

Like the dips and shampoo, the oral products are temporarily measured that need to follow with a preventative treatment. 

4. Sprays

The spray is another way to kill adult fleas and help you to get rid of flea bites from your dogs.

In the markets sprays that include insect growth regulators are available, that will kill the eggs as they hatch. Like the flea dips, make sure that you spray in well-ventilated areas.  

5. Flea Combs

Flea combs are one of the great ways to get rid of any fleas from the pets and it also helps you to prevent flea bites. It is one of the safest methods that do not put you and your pet in danger.

When you groom your pet, then the comb will catch and trap the fleas. In the between stroke, the comb will dip in the bowl of warm water and detergent, because it will kill them immediately. 

Most of the people prefer combs over the dips, sprays, and shampoo because these methods may contain potentially toxic ingredients. These five methods are the most common that help you to treat the flea bite on dogs or other pets.  

How To Get Rid Of Flea Bites From House

cleaning house

If you have four-legged furry animals in your home, then you will know where you have fleas. Usually, fleas prefer to live on your cat or dog, but they can also take up residence on another animal or on you.

If the population of fleas grows, fleas can branch out and begin living in the carpets, yard, or bedding. A bad flea infestation is very obvious. Try to wear white socks when you walk on your carpet.

After walking look at your socks if you see the tiny black bugs, those bugs are likely fleas. Well, there are numerous ways to get rid of flea bites from the house, but also try to focus on preventing flea bites, because it is the best accomplishment to get rid of fleas.

For getting rid of fleas you require a multi-prong approach because both environment and host need to be treated. There are 2 simplest ways to get rid of flea bites from your house are foggers or diatomaceous earth. 

1. Flea Foggers

Bug bombs are one of the effective ways to get rid of fleas bite from the house. Most will continue working for months, which helps to kill off any fleas which are ready to hatch.

You need to use the products that also include the growth regulators to keep the fleas population in check.

If you want to try bug bombs then it’s important to plan ahead because you have to stay out from your home for 2-4 hours while the foggers are doing their work.

Because the foggers release the poisons that are toxic from humans and pets. If you don’t take proper precaution then it starts fires. Also always read the product descriptions carefully and ensure that you use it safely and properly.  

2. Diatomaceous Earth 

Diatomaceous earth is a natural substance that is derived from the fossilized remains of the diatoms. It is a type of algae. Diatomaceous is a powdery substance and it is also non-toxic for humans and pets.

So, you can apply it directly to your pet’s coat and skin. But diatomaceous earth is lethal for fleas and most other insects. It cuts into the flea’s exoskeleton, which causes it to dehydrate and die.

Sprinkled the earth powder into the furniture and on the pets. Then allow the powder to sit for two weeks before the vacuuming. At that time, the powder should have killed both adults and any eggs that remain.   

Final Word For Flea Bites

As compared to bed bug bites, flea bites are developing rash and itchiness for a few hours or even days after you get flea bites. How the bites are look and the pattern of the bites will help you to know and determine whether or not you have a flea problem at home.

Well, flea bites do not cause any serious health issues in humans, but these bites are pretty annoying and frustrating. If the person is sensitive to the flea saliva, then it is important to avoid scratching the bite areas.

There are certain home remedies are available that help you to ease the itchiness. If you face an allergic reaction or the secondary infection from flea bites then you must immediately seek medical care.  

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