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Curly Hairstyle

How To Cut Curly Hair Step By Step

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How to cut curly hair? Are you frustrated with your naturally curly hair and want best hairstyle for curly hair? Want to do all the amazing hairstyles that you see online? But your curly hair stops you?

Well, today I will share some best curly hairstyles for short hair that make your messy curl looks beautiful. Instead, straighten your hair for the occasion, now it’s time to look fabulous with the simple hairstyles with your curly hairs.

Curly hairs are a blessing and also equally referred to as trouble because they are really hard to manage in daily life. But with the right styling and hair care and curly hairstyles for short hair can make your hair looks stunning.

So skip the parlor, straightener and let’s have a look at How to cut curly hair.

How To Cut Curly Hair 

To cut curly hair curls are required to assess the curls individually, instead of cutting the curls in a uniform manner. “For cutting curly hair you need a good pair of cutting scissors”.

But make sure that it should because dull scissors nit gives you a good cut curly hair. Also need hairpins, hair ties or clips, and a wide-toothed comb. Only use hair cutting shears for cutting hair.

Because if you use other things then you will get dull hair cut and make it more difficult to cut your curly hair. Don’t use razors because it can make your curly hair more frizzy. 

Prepare Hair To Cut Curly Hair

How To Cut Curly Hair

Before cutting curly hair gently wash your hair for a better hair cut. It is one of the easiest ways to detangle the hair when your hair is a little wet. To detangle the hair use a wide-toothed comb, but not a brush or regular comb.

First, start the comb from the roots and then work on your down by gently pulling out the tangles with the comb. If the tangle then it is being particularly stubborn, see your hair needs to be cut a bit to help the untangle.

Cutting your hair gently dry them well. Because the hair length changes between dry and wet. While some stylist says damp hair ie works well too.

Just make sure before cutting the curls your curls have mostly scrunched up so that you can get an ideal hair shape. After washing the hair gently apply the light conditioner on your hair so you can get the best cuts. 

How To Cut Curly Hair At Home

How To Cut Curly Hair At Home

1.  Try the 2-cut bob

How To Cut Curly Hair? Comb your hair into a low ponytail at the back of the head. But don’t get it too close to your head. Gently comb all the loose hairs and make your hair straight as possible.

Once you make the ponytail, then pull the plastic an inch or two down. Then gently the straight hair across the below of the ponytail holder.

After cutting it gently undo the ponytail and then make a high ponytail onto the top of the head.

Once you get it all then comb it straight and cut across the top as well about 2 inches from the end of the ponytail. Then gently con your hair and you are done now. 

2. How To Cut Curly Hair With the Help of a mirror

This method works best in front of the mirror that can magnify. The mirror can help you to know exactly what you are doing now. Only work on small and single sections of the hair at a time.

So place the mirror in front, so you can easily see which one side is damaged. Then carefully trim off the ends of your curls which is improper.

Once you fix the all damaged ends of one section then move on to the next section of the hair. Pinback your trimmed hair. 

3. Twist Method

This method start with detangling hair. Gently twist hair into small sections, by curling the hair around the finger until your hair exposes the damaged ends.

Then trimmed off the ends. But make sure that your hair is gently dry or they just damp before doing this method. If you want then you can also do this method by making small braids.

Make sure that your section should only be about an inch by an inch. Then gently rim off the ¼ of an inch to ½  inch and then pic back your hair that you trimmed. 

How To Layer Your Own Hair

How To Layer Your Own Hair

To cut curly hair you need a hairbrush or wide-toothed comb, hair elastics, and scissors

How to cut curly hair

1. Before cutting your hair gently wash them. Start off with the damp hair as this is when your hair curls are straight. 

2. Then detangles all the knots of your hair with the help of a brush and comb. This step is one of the super important because any knots left on the hair then it can make your layers turn out uneven. 

3. After detangle all the knots bend your head forward and flip your hair in front of you. 

4. By staying in this position tie your hair into a ponytail right at the apex of the forehead. And sure your pony with the hair elastic and also make sure that your hair elastic is a couple of inches away from your forehead. 

5. If you want to go for subtle layers then leave your hair long. Gently slide the hair elastic e down until there are only a couple of inches are left in your ponytail. If you want to cut shorter and more drastic layers then gently slide the hair elastic just a few inches down by leaving the major part of the hair into the ponytail. 

6. Gently hold the hair elastic in one place and then cut off the ponytail in one even line from under it. But also make sure that you are not cutting your hair at the angle because it will make your curly layers lopsided. 

7. After cutting your hair in the layer gently remove the hair elastic and check out your all layer. 

8. If you see any uneven hair, then trim it out for giving a finishing touch on your new haircut. 

How To Cut Curly Hair According Face Shape

How To Cut Curly Hair According Face Shape

Well, there are many ways that you can go when you are styling your layered but it all depends on your face shape. Because some hair cuts look great on some face shapes while others do not look that much good. Now you know how to cut curly hair.  

Here are some curly hair cut according to the face shape, so check out. 

  • The person who has a round face can go with the long lob haircut with the subtle layers that will end right just at the jawline. This haircut can give the face a little more elongated effect.
  • If you have a heart-shaped face cut then you are lucky because there are tons of layers cut for curly hair that you can experiment with. Or you will also go with the long even layers with the straight or the side-swept bangs that can create a more adorable hair look. If you are going for an edgier look then try out a short layers pixie hair cut. 
  • If anyone has an oval/oblong face shape then the short-cropped bob with the layers that will end just at the chin works great on them. Because this haircut lends softness to an otherwise sharp facial structure. Another great curly hairstyle is evenly cut layers with a side-swept fringe. 
  • The layered bob with some subtle bangs or long subtle layers at the ends looks great on a square face shape. 

Now you will know how to cut curly hair at home and also which curly hairstyle is suited to your face shape.  

Here Are Easy And Simple Hairstyle For Curly Hair

1. Half Up Crown Braid Hairstyle For Curly Hair

Hairstyle For Curly Hair Half Up Crown Braid

How to cut curly hair? For making this pretty hairstyle for your curly hair you need some hairpins and comb. Gently comb your hair with a comb and detangle your hair.

From one side of your head take a section of hair and make a braid till the end. Repeat the same action on the other side.

Lay both side braids across the back of the head and pin them behind the ear on the opposite side of each other. This is one of the best curly hairstyles for short hair.

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2. Sky-High Ponytail

Sky-High Ponytail

This hair hairstyle for curly hair takes only 3 minutes to execute and give you a stunning look at the parties. For making this beautiful hairstyle you need some bobby pins, comb, and elastic.

Gather all your hair and make an ultra-high ponytail at the crown of your head. Secure your ponytail with elastic and stick 2 or three vertical bobby underside of your ponytail it will keep your elastic lifted.

Enhance the ends of your ponytail with the curl defining cream it can help to keep your curls bouncy and nice. This is the best curly hairstyles for short hair.

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3. Sleek Updo Hairstyle For Curly Hair

Hairstyle For Curly Hair Sleek Updo

This effortless hairstyle for curly hair is perfect suits summer occasions and parties. For making this amazing hairstyle you need some bobby pins, elastic, styling gel, and comb.

Comb your hair and ensure smoother texture. Gently brush your hair and make a high ponytail then secure your pony with the elastic.

Divide your pony in half and twist both the section into a messy thick twist. And secure your buns with them on your head with the bobby pins and also adjust the size and shape.

Add some crunchies and wrap it around your bun until they secure. Then smooth down any flyaways with hair styling gel. 

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4. Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess

How to cut curly hair or make a curly hairstyle? For making this hairstyle for curly hair you need hairpins, elastic bands, curl defining cream, and a wide-toothed comb. Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb and detangle your hair.

Divide the hair into two parts, one a top half and bottom half. Braid the top section of hair and secure at the end with an elastic band.

Then wrap the braid and make a bun then secure it with e pins. Apply the curl defining cream on the half section of the hair and you are ready.

5. Cute And Easy Updo Hairstyle For Curly Hair

Hairstyle For Curly Hair Cute And Easy Updo

This is the best curly hairstyles for short hair and it is great for the days and also perfect for a special occasion. This hairstyle for curly hair consists of a bunch of small buns.

For making this hairstyle you need comb, bobby pins. Comb your hair and part your hair above from the crown and create the first bun. Twist the section into a bun back of the head in the middle and secure it with bobby pins.

Part the second section about 2 inches below from the first past and create another bun. According to your hair part the section you probably need to create 4 to 5 buns.

Then repeat the same action to create a bun until you reach the base of your neck. If you want to set this hairstyle in place then use hair spray and finish the look. 

6. Layer With Thick Curls 

Layer With Thick Curls

The big fear that many of the curly hair women or girls have about getting a haircut in the layers is that they will lose their hair volume. Well, the good news is that a good layered cut will combat this problem swiftly.

If you have thick curls, then go with the subtle layers that will look like they are barely there. And it will part your hair on one side to create this fabulous and gorgeous natural hair look. 

7. Medium Length Curly Layered Hairstyle

 Medium Length Curly Layered Hairstyle

How to cut curly hair and layers? Layers can be used on the medium length to look natural. Natural curly hair is helping to generate volume at the roots and it will also enhance the organic texture of your locks.

Ask your stylist to add a few extra layers around the face for a softer and more flattering look. 

Go ahead and try these hairstyles for curly hair and look gorgeous and also know how to cut curly hair. And If you like this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to friends or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank You!

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