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How To Get Thicker Hair Naturally


Are you feeling jealous of the people who are having strong, voluminous, and thick hair, and want to know How To Get Thicker Hair? Then this blog is great for you. Well, hair thinning is the most common hair problem that we all face at any stage of our life.

Baldness or thin hair can destroy your whole look. Several factors can make your hair thin such as stress, poor nutrients, pollution, genetic, hectic life, hormonal imbalance, and junk food.

In the markets, lots of hair care products are available that give the volume to your hair, but they are not good for your hair it may damage hair health.

With some hair care and natural remedies you can easily get thicker hair at home. Today I will share some tips on how to get thicker hair naturally without any side effects.

Let’s have a look at some homemade remedies that make your hair thicker and fuller. 

Here Are The Some Natural Remedies On How To Get Thicker Hair.

1. Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great source of Omega3 acids and it contained all the healthy nutrients that are good for hair health and help you to get thick hair.

Applying directly olive oil into the scalp can relieve the dry scalp and also soften your hair naturally.

It is a great remedy for your thin hair and hair loss, it helps you to get thicker hair at home. For the best result take olive oil in a boil and heat to body temperature.

After that gently massage your scalp and hair with this warm oil. Then rinse your hair after45 minutes with the mild shampoo or just leave for overnight. 

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2. Onion


Onion juice is the best remedy that helps you get thicker hair naturally. It can stimulate the scalp’s health and promote hair regrowth naturally.

Onions are too smelly but it contained all the nutrients that give the power to your hair and scalp, it also gives you thick hair. For this effective hair mask, you need some lemon juice, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Then gently mix all the ingredients in the boil. And make a smooth texture then apply this mixture on your scalp and hair, give the message to your scalp in a circular motion with the fingertips. Then rinse your hair with shampoo after 1-2 hours. 

3. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek Seeds has contained hair growth properties that promote hair health and help you to get thicker hair.

One study shows that it can reduce the hair fall, promote new hair growth, and give you thick hair.

This hair mask soaks half a cup of fenugreek seeds in water and leaves it overnight. Then grind the soaked seeds and make a smoothie paste.

Apply this paste on your hair as a hair mask. Then rinse your hair with the water after 30-60 minutes. Apply this mask once a week for a better result. Avocado

4. Mustard Seeds

Get Thicker Hair With  Mustard Seeds

Mustard seed is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, and protein that can give the strength to your hair roots and thick hair.

It is also a great source of fatty acids that condition your hair and make you lifeless and dull hair healthy. It can give you the luster and volume to your hair.

For the preparation of this hair healthy mask, you need mustard seeds, vitamin E, aloe vera gel, and coconut oil. Put all the ingredients in a hot water bowl and leave it for 30 minutes.

Transfer all the oil into the bottle and then let it settle for 24 hours. Apply this oil on your scalp and hair and give a gentle massage to your scalp before going to bed.

Then rinse your hair in the morning and you can notice the amazing change in your hair.

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5. Get Thicker Hair With Aloe Vera Gel

Get Thicker Hair With Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a great natural remedy that can give you thick hair and healthy. Aloe vera gel is a great remedy for scalp, skin, and hair.

It is a great natural hair conditioner that makes your hair shiny, smooth, and thicker hair. It prevents itching and fungus to the scalp and promotes hair growth that helps you to get thicker hair.

Aloe vera can seal the moisture to the scalp and help to get rid of dandruff and dry hair. For this mask extract, fresh gel from the aloe vera leaves and directly apply on your scalp.

Give a massage to your scalp for few minutes then rinse your hair with lukewarm water after 30 minutes.

Go ahead and try these amazing remedies and get rid of thicker hair naturally at home. If you like this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to friends or sharing it on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook And also comment below your opinion. Thank You!

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