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How To Make Yourself Sneeze – What Happens When You Sneeze


How to make yourself sneeze? Well, sneezing is the most annoying and itchy feeling, but sneezing sometimes needs. When we need to sneeze, but we can not.

This can make us frustrated, especially if we need to clear out any irritating passages or relieve the congestion.

If you want to sneeze to clear out your system before you talk, to greet your date, attend a meeting, eat a meal, or if you want to clear out the nasal.

Or whatever the reason, there are several different ways that can help you to sneeze. Keep reading this blog to know how to make yourself sneeze? 

What Is A Sneeze?

What Is A Sneeze

Before knowing how to make yourself sneeze, let us know the basics of what is a sneeze in the first place. A sneeze is a natural body reaction to small things like viruses, pollution, or dust that enter our body from the nose.

Under the impression that it involves just the nose or even the respiratory system, and the brain is a part of this action.

In fact, our brain has a special part that helps to make us sneeze. Plus, there is the diaphragm, the abdominal muscles, the throat, and the chest all putting their bit efforts in the sneezing process.

This is how the body will react to these things to protect the organs. So, the particles that enter our body can send back to the outside. Sneezing activity also occurs to clear the nose.

Sneezing is a reflex movement that our body system has to protect us from the unwanted particles that enter our body.

When the particle-like dust or pollen enters the nose, then these particles make the nose feel tickle because it traps in the nasal passages and then enters the stomach. 

Then our body will send signals to the brain to trigger the sneeze, so we can push all the particles out from the body. The activity of sneezing can happen so suddenly and it is so powerful one. When we sneeze our eyes tend to shut involuntarily.

Well, this is the reflex action and it simply is impossible to keep the eyes open while sneezing. When a sneeze occurs, millions of tiny droplets of mucus eject from the nose into the atmosphere. 

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How Fast Is A Sneeze?

The droplets of a sneeze can travel at a speed of approximately 40 miles per hour. It also contains millions of viruses. Therefore, it is essential to cover the nose with a tissue or alternatively sneeze in the elbow of our hands to prevent the germs from spreading.

That’s why the person who is about sneezing might want to stop it at any cost. However, someone who is suffering from cold or nasal congestion wants to sneeze or order and give relief to the nasal pressure.

So If you are suffering from a stuffy nose and get rid of unclogging nose fast, then there is nothing more effective than a quick sneeze. But sometimes we feel sneeze but it’s not coming,

Why Do We Sneeze?

Why Do We Sneeze?

Sneezing is also known as the sternutation and it is an involuntary release of air from the nose. Sneezing is the body’s way to get out the irritants from the nasal passages.

When the viruses, allergens, and other irritants and also the trauma enters into the nose then it can cause the sneezing. Well, sneezing is typically powerful and it occurs suddenly.

The simple reason why do we sneeze is because our nervous system tells our brain to. Our brain in turn tells our body something is your nose that needs to be removed.

Another reason why do we sneeze is because our nose requires occasionally to reboot. Because our nose gets overwhelmed by the dust particles and other irritations. A sneeze will help to reset the nose and then the nose will work properly again. 

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What Causes The Body To Sneeze?

What Causes The Body To Sneeze?

Nose’s job is to clean the air that we breathe and also make sure that it is free of dirt and bacteria.

When irritants and also other foreign bodies enter the nose, then these particles are trapped in mucus in the nasal passages. These particles then travel nose to the stomach, where the stomach acid neutralizes these particles.

While in some cases these particles can irritate the mucous membranes of the throat and nose. This irritation can also stimulate the trigeminal nerve, which can send a message to the brain to trigger the body to sneeze.

Some other body parts that play an important role in sneezing include the stomach muscles, the throat, the chest, and the diaphragm muscle. Here are some variety of things that can triggers the sneezing includes: 

  • Viruses, such as the common flu or cold
  • Drug withdrawal 
  • Allergens 
  • Nasal irritants 
  • Inhalation of corticosteroids through a nasal spray 


Allergy is one of the extremely common conditions that can be caused by the body’s response to foreign organisms.

Under normal circumstances, our body’s immune system protects us from harmful invaders such as the disease that can be caused by the bacteria.

If anyone has allergies, the body’s immune system identifies typically harmless organisms as threats.

Because allergies can cause sneezing when the body is trying to expel these organisms. 

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Infections are also one of the reasons for sneezing. Infection can cause by viruses such as the common cold and flu that can also make you sneeze.

There will be more than 200 different types of viruses that can cause the common cold. However, most of the colds are the results of the rhinovirus. 

Less common causes of Sneezing

Some other less common of sneezing are: 

  • Breathing cold air
  • Inhaling the irritants like pepper and duts 
  • Trauma to the nose
  • Withdrawal from certain drugs such as opioid narcotics 

Nasal sprays that can contain corticosteroids can help to reduce the inflammation in the nasal passages and also decrease the frequency of sneezing. If you are allergic then often use these sprays to get rid of the sneezing.

But sometimes sneezing is important to clear the nasal passages, so if you want to know how to make yourself sneeze, well there are many ways to make yourself sneeze. So here are the tips on how to make yourself sneeze. 

How To Make Yourself Sneeze?

We all are familiar with the most annoying feeling of irritation and itching that can occur when a forign object enters onto our nose and it gets trapped.

And you want to sneeze throughout these forign, but can not. This is the most annoying extremely frustrating uncomfortable feeling.

Because these foreign particles just linger in your nostrils. Not getting deeply sneezed can frustrate you whether you are suffering from the cold and allergies.

Or you just have the sensation of cleaning up the nasal passage. So the sneezing plays an important role in clearing the nasal passage and also relieving the congestion.

But one of the main questions is how to make yourself sneeze? Most of the people are aware of the tips and tricks of how to stop sneezing but do you know the tips and tricks of how to make yourself sneeze.

Yes, there are also some easy tips and tricks available that can help to make yourself sneeze. Here are some ways to make yourself sneeze.

1. Go Somewhere cool 

Go Somewhere cool

You may also notice that you can sneeze more when you are in a cold place. Because the trigeminal nerves instantly get affected by the cold.

And the nerves connect to the face and also the skull areas that are stimulated by the cold air. The lining of the nasal passages also affects as you breathe in the colder air. 

That’s feeling cold and shivering can irritate the nerve and bring about the sneeze. So if you want to make yourself sneeze then just start the AC or put your face in the refrigerator for some time and inhale some cold air. 

2. How To Sneeze By Looking Up Towards The Bright Light

Yes, sunlight is also known as the common reason to induce sneezing about 18-35% of the population in the U.S. Well, technically this term of sneezing is called the photic sneeze reflex and is a hereditary trait.

Even though not everyone has that type of strong reaction, 1 in 3 people will sneeze once when they expose to the sunlight if they are about to sneeze already.

This is because the nerve that controls the sneezing is called the trigeminal nerves and this nerve runs alongside tor the optic nerves. So, when you get exposed to too much light and also over-stimulates the optic nerve.

Then the trigeminal nerve can get triggered due to the high amount of light and it eventually results in sneezing. To make yourself sneeze just turn off the lights and sit in the dark for a few minutes.

After a few minutes allow your eyes to acclimate to the darkness, and look at the light and also turn it on. You can also just close your eyes tightly while standing in the direct sunlight.

Gently block the sunlight with your hands as well for a few minutes. After a minute or two minutes remove your hand and suddenly open your eyes. Doing this may cause you to sneeze.

But never look directly at the sun because it can damage your eyes. Although, the exact reason for sunlight exposure can cause the sneezing is yet unclear.

The number of induced sneezes has been observed to medicate genetically and can be easily predicted within a family. 

3. How To Make Yourself Sneeze With Tissues

How To Make Yourself Sneeze With Tissues

This is one most common way to make yourself sneeze that we all are aware of. Wiggling anything inside the nose is another sure way to induce the sneeze.

For this, you just need to gently wiggle the tissues in the back of the nose to bring on a sneeze.

Take a tissue and roll one side of tissue into the point, then carefully put this pointed tip towards the back of the nostril and wiggle it around a bit. When you feel a tickling sensation.

This will stimulate the trigeminal nerves that control the sneezing. Then it sends the message to the brain that promotes sneezing. But the problem with this trick is that you can only do these tricks when you are alone.

You can not do this trick when you are in a public place or a gathering. So, be careful with these techniques and also make sure that you are not sticking the tissues too far up into the nostril.

Some people also recommend you hum while performing these techniques to sneeze even more. So be careful. 

4. Smell Some Spices 

If you are in the kitchen and not finding any way to trigger the sneezing, then just sniff a spice. You have also sneezed accidentally after inhaling the ground pepper.

Black pepper and other spices such as the crushed red pepper, coriander, and cumin are known as nasal irritants. A compound that is present in some spices like white and black pepper, that can irritate the mucous membranes.

Likewise, capsicum is a natural component of the hot peppers that will cause a sneezing reaction. Try to open a jar of spices and take a gentle stiff, or grind up some whole peppercorns to induce the sneeze.

Cooking spicy food or also inhaling some capsaicin extract from the bottle it may also work. But take care when you smelling the spices because inhaling too many spices can lead to a burning sensation in your nostrils. 

5. Why Does Pepper Make You Sneeze

Why Does Pepper Make You Sneeze

Ground pepper is it white or black can stimulate sneezing. When you inhale a small amount of this spice because it can irritate the lining of the nose that can cause sneezing.

Pepper contains a compound called piperine that can irritate your nose by triggering the nerve endings inside the mucous membrane within. 

This, in turn, can cause you to sneeze as the nose tries to get rid of the foreign substance that enters the nose. 

6. Tickle Your Nose With The A Feather

Do you remember that when you are a child, ticking or irritating the nose can make you sneeze? Well, tickling is the easiest way to make yourself sneeze.

Some of the people can induce themselves to sneeze by simply brushing the underneath the nose with the fake feather, but it is not recommended to use a real feather and also not insert the feather into the nose.

The feather can irritate the nose from the inner side and make you sneeze.

7. Chew Mint Gums 

Chew Mint Gums

Double your pleasure or the fun and just chew minty gum or candy to make yourself sneeze. Some of the people are getting the sneezing sensation when they smell peppermint. 

Because such spices like the strong mint flavor can irritate the sensitive nerves in the nose which triggers the sneeze. So if you have some mints or a peppermint gum around then try popping one in your mouth.

Or just inhale the scent as you enjoy the gum or the mint, it may help you to make yourself sneeze. You can also try sniffing a bottle of the peppermint essential oil if you have some.

Just open a peppermint bottle and inhale the scent or the oil through the nose. This will help induce sneezing.

Or sniffing the mint toothpaste may also work. Just open the cap of the toothpaste and inhale the scent through the nose.

Inducing sneezing by inhaling a strong mint flavor is a result of the overstimulation of any of the nerves which are close to the trigeminal nerve. As we discuss before the triggering the trigeminal nerve induces the sneeze. 

8. How To Make Yourself Sneeze By Sniffing The Capsicum Extract 

Capsicum naturally derives from the hot peppers and is also used in both medications and pepper sprays. So be careful of the amount that you can put on the swab.

To make yourself sneeze you can purchase a bottle of some capsicum extract or look for a product that already contains capsicum. But don’t apply the capsicum extract inside the nose because it will cause a burning sensation.

Instead, take a cotton swab and gently hold it against the top of the capsicum extract bottle and hold this cotton swab in front of the nose. Then gently inhale the scent of the capsicum through your nose.

This will induce sneezing. If you don’t have a capsicum extract, then you can also open a hot pepper, such as chili or jalapeno, and dab inside or out with a cotton swab. Then inhale the scent of the capsicum through the nose, this will help you to make yourself sneeze. 

9. Sniff A Strong Perfume 

Sniff A Strong Perfume

Most of the people have experienced sudden waves of sneezing by being exposed to any strong perfumes or spray. But let me tell you this trick can not apply to everybody’s nose. But people are allergic to the strong smell.

And also certain can irritate the nose and make a sneeze, especially the strong perfumes and also the colognes. So, simply spray strong perfumes or spray in the air.

When the droplets of the strong perfume or spray come closer to the nostrils, it can irritate the lining of the nose and trigger the trigeminal nerve, hence it can cause sneezing.

But do not inhale the perfume particles directly and also never spray any fragrance directly into the nostril. Instead, just spray the fragrance in the air and let the work it’s magic itself. 

10. Rub The Roof Of Your Mouth

You can also use your tongue to massage the roof of the mouth, it will induce the sneezing.

Because the trigeminal nerve runs along the roof of the mouth that’s why it is another way to stimulate the sneezing. For this massage the roof of the mouth with the tongue.

Because rubbing the roof of the mouth with the tongue can stimulate the nerve which can induce the sneezing. To make yourself sneeze all you have to do, this is just press the tip of your tongue to the top of your mouth.

The gently rub the roof of the mouth as possible or until you find the exact spot that can trigger you a sneeze. 

11. Drink Something Fizzy 

Drink Something Fizzy

If you ever inhale the fizziness of a bubbly drink, you probably recall the tickling feeling in your nostrils. This is due to carbon dioxide that creates the bubbles.

So, if you inhale or drink too much fizz, it can cause you to sneeze. This is because too much carbon dioxide has the potential to be harmful to your nose.

Because the our nose is more sensitive than the tongue with the carbon dioxide. Drinking carbonated drinks can also stimulate sneezing.

The receptor on the tongue is also known as the TRPA1 receptor that can activate by the carbon dioxide in the fizzy drinks. When several receptors can stimulate the body and increase the saliva and triggers a sneeze or cough.

Moreover, inhaling the bubbles of carbonated drinks that can also release the sneeze. Because our nose is more sensitive to carbon dioxide than a tongue. That’s why sniffing a carbonated beverage, especially from a soda fountain.

It may also stimulate the nose needs to let loose a sneeze. Simply drinking carbonated beverages may work, but you can also hold the cup right under your nose and also inhale through the nose.

This will help you to make yourself sneeze. So make sure that the drink is really frizzy, because if it is flat then there might not be enough bubbles to bring on a sneeze. 

12. Rub The Bridge Of Your Nose

The Upper bony part of the nose is called a nasal bridge. It is seen that when you rub this nasal bridge, it also stimulates the trigeminal nerve and that can get you to sneeze.

For this gently rub the bridge of the nose in a downward motion to get a response from the trigeminal nerve. Keep massaging the bridge until you feel a slight tickle in the back of the nose, which causes a sneeze.

Messaging the nose may also help to encourage drainage of any fluid so use firm pressure, but be sure not to press too hard.  

13. Eat A Chocolate

Eat A Chocolate

This is one of the best ways to induce sneezing while enjoying it. Eating a piece of dark chocolates and watching yourself sneeze.

Those who do not eat that much chocolate might have more success through this method than those who eat more of it. Eating dark chocolate with a high percentage of the cacao that may help to bring about a sneeze.

The exact reason for this occurrence is not known yet, but scientists do not think it has anything to do with allergies. Eating chocolates is technically categorized as a photic sneeze reflex because it also causes the sneezing by an unknown trigger.

It’s not known exactly why this trick works, but it is that some of the cocoa particles get into the nose.

14. Tweeze Your Nose Hair 

The thought of tweezing hair from your nose can make your nose itch and it causes sneezing. So, the next time you want to make yourself sneeze, just pluck the hair off your nose and get a satisfactory sneeze.

This might be looking painful but it really works. Because the lining of the nose is such a sensitive area. Plucking a hair out of your nose can help to stimulate the trigeminal nerve, that’s why plugging nose hair can make you sneeze almost instantly.

But sure to be gentle while you’re plucking the nose hair as the skin is very sensitive and you will end up hurting yourself. It will not be done with proper care. 

15. Pluck The Eyebrow 

Pluck The Eyebrow

There are some people, that will sneeze reflexively just picking up their eyebrow hair. If you want to see who picked up the can cause the sneeze then gently take a pair of tweezers and thee tweezers to pluck out a single eyebrow hair.

Tweezing the eyebrow hair can irritate the nerve endings in the face and it will stimulate the nasal nerve. Because the part of this nerve goes across the eyebrows.

That is why plucking the eyebrows will make you sneeze immediately or it could take a few tries. This will happen to you by accident when you’re tweezing the light color extra eyebrow hair.

Now try it on demand for sneezing. Just grasp the eyebrow hair near the roost with the hair tips of the tweezers and then pluck it out rapidly from the instant sneeze. 

16. How To Make Yourself Sneeze By Squeezing The Bridge Of Your Nose 

Some people also find that lightly squeezing or pinching the bridge of the nose may also help them to make yourself sneeze.

So, if you want to make yourself sneeze fast then try to do this while humming to stimulate a sneeze. So gently squeeze the bridge of your nose, but sure to let go of the nose once you feel the sneeze is just starting.

If you don’t let go then the air can get trapped in your lungs or you can pop an eardrum. 

17. Take A Hot Shower

Take A Hot Shower

Taking a hot shower can give an achoo to many people, so if you want to make yourself sneeze then try this trick.

Taking a hot shower will trigger a sudden rise in body temperature. Rising up the body temperature can give sudden impulses that can come out in the form of a sneeze. 

18. Eat Some Spicy Snacks

Eating spicy snacks or food can help your nose to start running because it can affect the mucous membrane.

That’s why eating spicy food is one of the best ways to clear the nose of irritants easily such as pollen or the dust. Eating hot soup can help you as well. 

19. How To Make Yourself Sneeze By Using The Dust 

How To Make Yourself Sneeze By Using The Dust

This is definitely not the healthiest way to make yourself sneeze, but it is certainly one of the most effective ways to sneeze.

For this, you need to simply grab a duster and dust the way to a cleaner home. This trick will surely help you make yourself sneeze. Because dust will irritate your nose enough and produce multiple sneezes.

You can also directly tickle your nose by using the feather duster, then dust it on your face and nose. Wearing dusty clothes can also induce sneeze. 

20. Sniff The Flour 

The flour particles resemble that of dust. Hence the flour is one the safest way to make yourself sneeze.

But do not sniff too much flour because it will block the nostril. Instead, just take some flour on the palm and clap in front of the nose.

The fine flour particles are spread in the air and it will make their way inside the nostrils and induce the sneezing. 

21. Experience Strong Emotions

Experience Strong Emotions

How to make yourself sneeze by experiencing strong emotions? When we are experiencing strong emotions like frustration, sadness, fear, excitement, happiness then there are also the chances of doing achoo.

Because when we are irritated or extremely excited about something then our membranes will swell. Similarly when we are sad or fearful then our membranes will shrink. 

When the membranes are swelling or shrink then this will cause the achoo. 

22. Fake It 

If you’re wondering how to make yourself sneeze by making fake it until you make it. Well, this trick definitely works and induces sneezing. Because our mind works the way we want to make it to work.

For example, when we see someone vomiting then we also feel that we are also going to do that, some people also start vomiting. So, tricking your mind, we can somehow try to sneeze.

To make yourself sneeze all you have to do is, just make your face precisely like when you sneeze till the sneeze actually comes. This trickle will help the brain and you may get sneeze in a short time.

What Happens When You Sneeze?

What Happens When You Sneeze?

When something gets into our nasal passage, then it will irritate it and indicate that there is something that needs to be removed.

This nerve will communicate with the sneeze central in the brain that is located in the lower brain stem. And the brain will say the body that sneezing is necessary.

After that, there is a rapid minute of signal to close the eyes, mouth, and throat.  Then your diaphragm contracts and also simultaneously the throat muscles relax.

It also causes the air to blow out. The irritating particles expel forcibly from the nose into the atmosphere. 

Why Do Sneezes Feel Good?

Have you noticed that a sweet release that occurs after a particularly robust sneeze has just let loose? One of the reasons why do sneezes feel good is the sudden release of pent-up pressure that always feels nice.

There is also some research that suggests that when anyone sneezes they may release endorphins. The hormone that can stimulate the body’s pleasure center. Whatever the truth is, we all know that a good sneeze can feel nice. 

It is Possible To Sneeze With Your Open Eyes?

Sneezing is an autonomic that can reflex that cleanses your eyes. An autonomic reflex is a motor action that the body can make in response to a stimulus.

It doesn’t involve a conscious decision on the part to make that action. Well, it is possible to sneeze with your open eyes but most people have to make a concerted effort to override their reflex to the eyes open while sneezing.

There’s no definitive clinical evidence that can explain why we close our eyes when we sneeze. Some people think that it can be to protect the eyes from the irritants the are being expelled by the body with the sneeze. 

What Is ACHOO Syndrome?

When you sneeze or feel a prickling sensation this will indicate a potential sneeze when you are exposed suddenly to the bright light or sun, This is called an ACHOO syndrome.

According to the Library Of Congress, the ACHOO syndrome will affect between 18 and 35 percent of the population in the world. LOC is also reported that people might sneeze when they are plucking their eyebrows.

Because when they pluck an eyebrow hair, it will irritate the nerve ending in the face. That irritation fires impulses to the nasal nerve, triggering a sneeze. 

How To Stop Yourself From Sneezing?

Sneezing is caused when things get into the nose and irritates it. Some people sneeze more than other people because they are more sensitive to airborne irritants.

The best way to treat sneezing without holding it in is to avoid the things that can trigger you to sneeze. These triggers usually include things like pet dander, mold, pollen, and dust. Some people will also sneeze by seeing the bright lights. 

Does Heart Stop Beating When You Sneeze?

Does Heart Stop Beating When You Sneeze?

We also heard many times that our heart stops for a fraction of a second when we sneeze but does it really? 

Although it may seem that the heart takes a break during a sneeze, this is not actually the case. When you first inhale before sneezing the pressure in the chest will increase.

Then, when you exhale forcefully during the sneeze the pressure drops. Alteration in the blood flow to the heart will produce, by these pressure changes, can affect the heart rate.

However, the electrical activities in the heart marches on unimpeded that you remain very much alive throughout the sneeze. According to the UAMS’ Departments of Otolaryngology/ Head and Neck Surgery Concludes that our heart will not stop beating when we sneeze. 

What Are The Benefits OF Sneezing?

What Are The Benefits OF Sneezing

You cannot believe that sneezing is good for us because it not only relaxes us but it also leaves many of its kind things inside our body.

Which is beneficial for our body system a lot. Here are some benefits of sneezing.

1. It Flushes Out The Nose

Just like we flush out the toilet with the pressure of water, just like this sneezing will also perform such a type of duty for our nose.

Whenever sneezing occurs, it will clean the dust particles that are staying inside our nasal hairs for a long time. The enormous pressure of sneezing will throw out the type of dirt from the nose which is also behind the formation of germs in the body.

Dust will get stuck in the nasal hairs by the time, so it will require a massive force to get out, Hence the enormous pressure will make it easy to remove them.

It merely expels out the unwanted and also harmful particles that will become bacteria when they enter inside the body from the nose. 

2. Refreshes The Brain

Have you noticed that whenever we sneeze the nerves of the brain become relaxed like they have been revived? The amount of the pressure that creates while we sneeze is not only passed out from the nose.

It also releases a significant amount of the force that comes out from the near path of the brain through the nostrils.

That’s an aftereffect of the sneeze that will make the mike like it has been re-waked. Thus sneezing will helps to refresh the brain by waking it with its enormous pressure. 

3. Repair The Nasal System

When you don’t sneeze for a long time the dust particles and other kinds of the tiny substances get trapped inside the nasal system.

Thus, these particles will create difficulty for us to breathe peacefully. Sometimes you also have complaints regarding the smell of the surrounding, as well you fail in smelling some smells.

Such type of repairing of the nasal system will be done with the help of sneeze. Sneeze will unblock the nose and fix the smell issues by throwing out the tiny particles that get trapped and unblock the nasal system through its marvelous power. 

Some Words On How To Make Yourself Sneeze

Sometimes triggering the sneezing will be necessary for us. While there are many methods to make yourself sneeze, not all the methods will work for all people.

This is because people will respond differently to irritants and also have different levels of sensitivity to stimulation of the trigeminal nerve. While some techniques will work better than others for people with a cold or the flu.

Because they may have a lot of the mucus in the nose which can trap the irritants in the nose. So the nasal congestion finds it better to stimulate the trigeminal nerve manually rather than inhaling the irritants.

Always remember to be gentle when you are inhaling the irritants and stimulating the nasal nerves. Also never inserted anything sharp or hard into the nose. 

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