Natural Antibiotic for infection

Natural Antibiotics – 9 Best Natural Antibiotic


Natural antibiotics are the terms that we all hear as a functional medicine community, but of many people, it is really difficult to know what is the best natural antibiotics for our health. Because when we think about antibiotics we only think about the antibacterial pills.

But some of these antibiotics pills also have side effects that are not good for your health. Instead, using natural antibiotics that can help you to get rid of any infections and bacteria, without causing any side effects. Keep reading this blog to know more about the best natural antibiotics that are good for your health. 

What Is A Natural Antibiotic

Natural Antibiotics

Antibiotic is a modern prescribed antibacterial property that can help to kill the bacteria and other infections. The antibiotics such as penicillin had been discovered in the 1940s by Alexander Fleming. These antibiotics are used to treat the bacteria, flu and other infections.

The natural antibiotics are forme by the natural certain plant exacta that contains all the antibiotic properties and antibacterial properties. The best natural antibiotics not only kill the bacteria but it also good for personal hygiene.

Such as cranberry juice or extract that contain antioxidants and antibacterial compounds, these compounds make them a best natural antibacterial remedy to treat UTI. According to the one study, researchers tested natural antibiotic on 15 people who are suffering from small intestine disorders.

The daily gave them natural antibiotics for 10 weeks after the week they experienced the herbal antibiotics are great for treating the small intestine bacterial growth disorders. Let’s check out what the best natural antibiotics are and how to make antibiotics. 

Here Are The Best Natural Antibiotics

1. Garlic Antibiotic

Garlic is one of the most common ingredients that we easily found anywhere. It is an ancient remedy that has been using to treat any infections. Because garlic contains antibiotic properties that can effectively kill all bacteria that may cause infections.

It can help you to get rid of colds, toothaches, and flu. Consuming 2 cloves of garlic per day is good for health. But taking a large dose of garlic may cause internal bleeding. And if you are using garlic supplements, then follow the dosage instruction as they provide.

I would recommend you to consult healthcare providers before using garlic as a natural antibiotic, if you are taking blood-thinning medications. 

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2. Honey Natural Antibiotic

Honey Natural Antibiotic

Honey is one of the oldest known natural antibiotics. Infect, Honey has been using as a natural antibiotic during Egyptian time. It not good for the heal, but it also contains skin-related benefits and makes your skin healthy as well as youthful.

The antibacterial properties of honey can treat chronic wounds, burns, bedsores, skin grafts and ulcers. Because honey contains hydrogen peroxide, which contains antibacterial properties.

According to study the honey can stop the growth of bacteria and maintain the pH level in your body that pulls away from the bacteria.

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3. Ginger Antibiotic

Ginger Antibiotic

Ginger is also one of the most common kitchen ingredients. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that present in ginger make can help you to fight against infections and flues. Gingerol, terpenoids, zingerone along, zerumbone and shogaol are essential flavonoids that present in ginger make them good for the body.

These compounds can help you to treat the acidic stomachs and make your gut healthy. Using ginger extract can help you to get rid of the gum disease and make gum healthy. According to some studies, consuming ginger as a natural antibiotic can help you to get rid of the sickness, lower blood sugar levels and nausea. 

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5. Oregano Oils Natural Antibiotics

5. Oregano Oils Natural Antibiotics

Oregano essential oil contains carvacrol which makes it important to treat health-related issues. Consuming Oregano oil helps to heal the gastric ulcers and also reduce the inflammation.

If you want to treat your fungal infections for the skin, simply mix the one drop of Oregano essential oil with coconut or olive oil. Then apply this solution to your skin. The antifungal properties present in oregano oil can help you to treat the fungal and yeast infections. 

6. Neem

neem Natural Antibiotics

We all know about the health benefits of neem because it is one of the oldest antibiotics. Neem or neem oil contains antibacterial properties that help you to get rid of pimples or some other health issues.

Applying neem pack on the skin can help you to get rid of the acne and pimples. because it contains purifying abilities. But I recommend you to consult your healthcare or doctor before consuming the neem extract. Because consuming a large dose or long period use of neem may harm your liver and kidney. 

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7. Cinnamon 


Cinnamon is a great source of antimicrobial properties, which makes them extremely effective and beneficial for human consumption. cinnamon contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which are great for the health.

The eugenol compound that is present in the cinnamon is effective for treating the condition virus and bacteria. It also treats stomach illness, ulcers, fungal activities, and some skin-related issues. But before consuming consult your doctor. 

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8. Turmeric


Turmeric contains antimicrobial properties which help to treat the skin and health-related issues. The most active compound of turmeric is curcumin which can make your body healthy.

Turmeric contains curcumin, which can treat UTI infections and effectively reduce the activity of microbes that cause infections. The antibacterial properties of turmeric can help to treat fungus infections. The anti-inflammatory properties that contain turmeric can protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals. 

9. Cloves

Cloves are a natural antibiotics use to treat dental related issues. According to some studies, the anti-inflammatory properties that present in the clove can help you to fight against the bacteria and makes you healthy.

The Eugenol which is present in cloves can help to treat unwanted infections and fungus. It also blocks the production of DNA and protein which prove fatal for the survival of the bacteria. 

Go Ahead And Try These Best natural antibiotics and make your body healthy and fit. If you like this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to friends or sharing it on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Thank You!

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