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Sofia Richie- “Scott Disick And Sofia Richie” Relation


Sofia Richie is an American fashion designer and model. She is one of the hottest girls on social media. She also featured in campaigns by a number of the major brands including Michael Kors, Channel, and Tommy Hilfiger.

In this article, we are going to cover some untold truths of Sofia Richie that publically not available. So keep reading till the end to know the actual Sofia Richie.

Who Is Sofia Richie?


Sofia Riche was born in Los Angeles, California on 24 august 1998 in the family o famous singer and songwriter, Lionel Richie and His second Wife, Diane Alexander.

Sofia Richie’s height is 5 ft 6in (1.68m). She is the youngest sister of Nicole Richie and the biological sister of Miles Richie.

Sofia grew up with an affinity for the music like her father. She took a lesson from a vocal coach, Tim Carter when she was just 14.

Sofia is a recognizable face in the modeling and fashion world. Her oldest sister Nicole Richies is also in the fashion business and also a famous actress, and Television Personality.

She has become an Instagram storm and recently said to the hottest girl on the social media platform, with her endless hot posts on sexy swimwear, Sofia Richie bikini, and some other eye-popping fashion photos. Sofia Riche nude pics are also viral on the internet.

She became even more widely known when she made their controversial relationship with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, whom she has been dating since September 2017 and posted on an Instagram officially.

The relationship between Sofia Richie and Scott Disick is understandably caught the public’s attention because Sofia Richie’s age was 19 at that time and Scott was 34. Well, there’s lots more about Sofia Richie than being a part of a famous couple.

Sofia Richie is a talented and intelligent young woman who determines to live life on her own terms. Let’s check out some amazing and untold truth of Sofia Riche. 

1. Sofia Richie Grew Up a Famous

Sofia Richie Grew Up A Famous

Sofia Richie’s childhood is far from typical. She grew up in the shadow of her dad, Lionel Richie who is the five-time Grammy winner and well known as a singer and songwriter.

She also grows up in the shadow of her older adopted sister Nicole Richie and becomes mature while rubbing the shoulder with the rich and famous.

Sofia Richie is growing up in the limelight but is actually made Sofia’s life difficult. Sofia told the evening standard that paparazzi stalk her and someone went so far as to put tacker in her car.

2. Sofia Richie gave up Music for modeling

Sofia Richie Had A Love For Music But Gave It Up For Modeling

She works after her dad at a bigger level and that she can also sing and play the piano. Sofia had played the piano seven times and she sang five times. She also took vocal lessons to hone her talent.

She wanted to pursue a singing career and even worked in a studio with the lead vocalist of Joel Madden, Good charlotte.

But the one thing that began getting in the way of her music career was the pressure she felt from her father’s status and popularity in this business.

Sofia Richie does not want to feel like she had to live up to her dad’s career. So Sofia Richie switches the gears and began pursuing a modeling career. 

3. She started Modeling Career As a Teen

She Started Modeling Career As A Teen

Sofia got her modeling gig when she was 14 years old. Teen Vogue has become popular in a teen fashion magazine for years. Many models would love to make it in this magazine, which is exactly what Sofia did.

Sofia was featured in the magazine at the age of 14 and a year later she signed her first contact with a Los Angeles based swimwear company known as Mary Grace Swim.

Beyond that, she signed with a UK modeling agency and selected model and management. Since now, she has been keeping busy representing major brands. 

4. Sofia Richie Mom Is pretty Tight

Sofia Richie Mom Is Pretty Tight

Her dad Lionel and Diane Alexander married in 1996. This couple had two kids together Sofia Richie and her brother Miles.

Richie and Miles are both Biological children while her dad’s oldest daughter, Nicole was adopted. It is a complicated family, but it does not impact the bond of Richie with her parents.

Sofia Richie is close with her mom Alexander and she is also a fashion designer. They were able to bond over their mutual love for fashion. Sofia Richie’s mom Alexander is still very involved in her life. 

5. Sofia’s Godfather

Everyone recognizes the name of Michael Jackson. Michael is the late dancer, songwriter, and singer. Who passed away in June of 2016 from a fatal concoction of medications.

Sofia Richie and Jackson were close friends. Lionel had asked Michael Jackson to be a godfather of Sofia. She also became a good friend with Jackon’s daughter Paris. 

6. Sofia’s Relationship 

Sofia In A Relationship

Many people recognize the name of Scott Disick with Kardashians. Scott is a television personality and a lot older than Sofia. Scott is the ex of Kourtney Kardashian and he has three children with her.

But now he is the boyfriend of Sofia Richie and her father is not happy about her relationship. Thing are not clearly going to be peachy perfect between the Sofia Richie and Scott ex Kourtney Kardashian.

It looks like some drama was brewing a couple of days ago when the Sofia unfollowed the Kourten Kardashian on social media. But now she again following her like nothing really happened.

It all started when Sofia clean out her following and it just happened to her boyfriend’s ex with it.

Everyone had noticed that and perhaps Sofia cleared that there was nothing wrong by refollowing Kourtney.

7. Sofia has a huge Following

Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie got an Instagram account. Instagram is booming with the beautiful model and Sofia is one of the hottest and popular with over 6 million followers.

Sofia Richie always posts her hot and sexy pics on her Instagram and gets thousands of likes and comments. Her twitter account is gaining momentum too with 42.2 k followers, but she doesn’t have a Facebook account.

8. Sofia Richie Bikini

There is no doubt that Sofia widely popular for her wardrobes. Sofia Richie bikini pics got viral on Instagram. She is showing off her sculpted bikini body on Instagram, modeling post. The latest photoshoot of Sofie Richie bikini gets popular. In this Photoshoot, she wears bubblegum pink TJ Swim bikini with Sunglasses and glittering necklace.

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