best hairstyle for long hair

Best Updos Hairstyle For Long Hair

If you have long hair and thinking, how to style your hair that makes you different and stunning? Then updos for long hair is one of the best choice for you.

Long hairs look amazing and fabulous, but if you’re not styling them properly they look messy. In this article, I will share some best updos for long hair that make you more attractive and stunning.

We all want the best hairstyle for long hair that makes us different and unique in front of everyone. Because this is the best way to high our personality and get a stunning look.

Having long hair is just like a blessing and also get the chance to play with your hair. It makes you look feminine and stylish, but styling them, sometimes become a problem.

“If you are looking to find some long hairstyles, then you are the right place so, check out these amazing tips and updos for long hair”.

Here Are Some Amazing Hairstyle For Long Hair

1. Twisted Bun Hairstyle

Twisted Bun Hairstyle

Twisted bun updos for long hair is one of the most versatile long hairstyles for girls and it will not make your hair messy.

You can easily do this pretty twisted bun hairstyle yourself in less than 10 minutes. To make this updos for long hair make a ponytail with your hairs.

Then grab the tip of your hair, and then start twisting it until your hair is twisted from the ends to the base of the hair.

Take your hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail in a spiral, then secure your bun with some bobby pins.

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2. Khaleesi Inspired Twist Hairstyle

Khaleesi Inspired Twist Hairstyle

Khaleesi inspired twist updos for long hair style gives you a stunning and gorgeous look, and most of the women are trying this hairstyle in weddings, parties, and also festivals.

For this hairstyle, you need a hairbrush, hair elastics, and sea salt spray. To make this hairstyle, firstly use sea salt spray to prepare the hair for the braiding process.

Grab a section of hair both sides and secure with an elastic band, and then grab a new section from below the existing loop.

After that again repeat the step to make a loop impression you may also use elastic bands.

Make sure you may do it twice 2-3 braids. To give a final impression make necessary adjustments. This is the way to display the new style of your hair.

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3. Simple Easy Updos For Long Hair

Simple Easy Updos For Long Hair

Here come another extremely easy and also lovely updos for the long hair. This idea is probably one of the easiest hairstyles for long hair that you ever imagine.

For making these easy updos for long hair you need comb, bobby pins, hairband, and hairspray. Gently comb your hair and detangle all the knots.

Then start making the updos for long hair by throwing all the hair behind the shoulders. Thena gently gathers up the hair to form a ponytail. For adding some volume into your hair slightly pull the crown hair.

Take the ponytail and just put it halfway through, for creating the mini bun. Then wrap the ends around the buns. Then gently create the hole above your ponytail.

And flip the bun upwards and into the hole. Secure everything with the help of bobby pins and also make sure that the hole is not visible. Finish the stunning updos for a long hair look by locking it with some hairspray. 

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4. Elegant Bun Updos For Long Hair 

Elegant Bun Updos For Long Hair

Here are another office updos for long hair. These elegant updos will scream to the boss lady. This pretty updo hairstyle works well for all face shapes and helps to accentuate the facial features very well.

To make these updos for long hair you will need elastic bands, hairpins, and donut bun bands. Before making this hairstyle gently comb the hair to detangle all the knots.

Then gently divide your hair into two sections. The first section of your hair will start at the beginning of your one ear and it will end at the beginning of the other ear.

The section is the rest of the hair. Gently tie your second section hair up in a ponytail. Now first part section hair down the middle and backcomb it. Then, take the donut bun band and gently insert it from the base of your ponytail.

Slide the bun at the end, then arrange the hair around the bun to cover it. Then fold the bun outwards while moving it towards your head. Keep this in place, by using another elastic band.

If your hair is very long, then not all of your hair will fit into the donut bun. Once the donut bun reaches the heads then tie an elastic band around it for keeping the bun in place.

Then also allow the end of the hair to hang down. Gently twist the ends of your hair and wrap them around the base of your bun. Gently comb the first section of your hair backward.

Then gently pin up the long hair neatly around your bun. Backcombing hair will form a slight puff in front of your head. 

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5. Double Braid Wrapped Roll Updos For Long Hair 

Double Braid Wrapped Roll Updos For Long Hair

When you think of updos, then the first thing that will come into mind is a bun. It is a delicate feminine and it is also usually an effortless-looking hairstyle that can help to reveal your elegant and also girly sides.

Double braids can make updo hairstyles for long hair to look more feminine and gorgeous braids look. To make these updos for long hair you will need a comb, bobby pins, and a hairband.

Before making these stunning updos for long hair gently comb your hair and detangle all the knots.

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How To Make Updos For Long Hair 

Then part your hair to the right side. Gently pick a middle section of your hair at the crown and gently pin it down the parted side.

Then gently wrap the left side hair over the top and pin it to the down. Now, create the lines behind your ears to bring the side hair forwards for dividing out the back section of your hair.

Tie your hair with the help of a band and also the back section together near the bottom. Then roll this section upwards, by going towards your head and pin it. Now pick your hair from the right side and divide it into two sections.

One section is the top and the second section is the bottom. Now take the bottom section of your hair and gently wrap it over the tip of the bun and secure it in the place by pinning them.

Repeat the same action with the left side hair. Then start making a french briard with the right side hair. When you reach the halfway point of your braid, then switch the french brain to a lace one.

Where you will add in hair from the hairline. Once you make the braid with your hair, then go on with the braiding on the right section to the bottom.

Pulling off the edges of your braid for a fuller look. Embellish the top of the bun by laying the braid over the updo then secure it by pinning it.

Repeat this action on the left side hair. Now set your updo for long hair in place with the hairspray. 

6. The Korean Bun Updos For Long Hair

The Korean Bun Updo

The incredible Korean bun updos for long hair works great for all face shapes. Style these updos for long hair with some curled loose side strands to add to the beauty of this hairstyle.

To make Koren bun updos for long hair you need an elastic band, hairpins, and rat tail comb. Before making updos for long hair gently comb your hair and detangle all the knots.

Now, start to braid your hair into a french braid, when you weave about the five stitches of the braid. Then tie your braids with the help of an elastic band.

Make a ponytail with your hair and secure it with the elastic band. Then take the end of your ponytail and gently wrap it upwards and around. Gently wrap it itself until you reach the top of your head.

But make sure the ends do not unravel, tie all of them together with an elastic band after one wrap and then continue wrapping the hair over it.

Once you reach the top and pin the hair up on the sides. To form a beautiful downward the french twist. 

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7. The Dutch Braid Bun Updo For Long Hair

The Dutch Braid Bun Updo For Long Hair

A braid usually has three sections: two side sections and one middle section.  Generally, the middle section always goes under the side sections.

But in the dutch braid, the middle section will go over the side sections that’s why a dutch braid is also known as an inverted french braid.

To make updos for long hair you will need hairpins, a comb, and elastic bands. Before making dutch braid bun updos for long hair gently comb your hair and detangle all the knots.

Pick up a small section of your hair from where you want to start making a braid. Then divide your hair into 3 equal sections. Weave your hair in the stitch of the braid and make sure the middle section always goes under the side section.

After making two stitches add some hair from the outside of the braid to the side sessions. Again start weaving the hair in two stitches and then also add some more hair into the braid to both sides.

Keep repeating this action until you reach the end of your hair. Then secure the end of your braid with an elastic band. Gently roll the bottom half of your dutch braid into a bun.

If your hair is medium length, then a flat bum helps to show off the braid and helps to create a chic look. While on the long hair, a full bun will look stunning.

This hairstyle looks incredible on those women who have an oval face. But if you have a slightly broad face, then allow hair strands to fall to the sides of the face. 

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8. Messy Bun Updos For Long Hair

Messy Bun Updos For Long Hair

The messy updos for long hair are one of the hairstyles that can work for almost all the events. It also looks great in all types of shapes.

Because the messy hair updo can add volume to your look and these loose strands can frame the face well.  To make messy bun updos for long hair you will need elastic bands and hairpins.

Before making these updos for long hair gently comb your hair and detangle all the knots. After combing the hair start tying your hair in a high ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic.

At the last twist of the elastic band, gently pull out your hair only half ways through to form a bun.

Then twist the ends of your ponytail and wrap them around the base of your bun. Secure your updos in place with the help of bobby pins. 

9. Half Up Bow Hairstyle

Half Up Bow Hairstyle

As of now, this hairstyle is one of the most feminine hairstyles It will give you an innocent and adorable look.

It can be best suited as either straight and long hair. For this hairstyle, you need texturizing spray, hair elastic, sectioning clip, bobby pins, and hair spray.

To make updos for long hair, first prepare your dry hair with some texturizing spray to give it some time hold.

Gather hair from each side of the head, in hand, and make a ponytail, and then wrap it around to make updos for long hair. After that split the loop into two and pin one of the loops with the holder.

Then spread it and pin it using with bobby pins. Repeat the same step on another side of the loop.

After that pin the tail of your ponytail up and over the center of the bow and secure with bobby pins.

10. Simple Chignon Updos For Long Hair

Simple Chignon

A simple chignon updos for long hair is the best parties look at hairstyle. For this hairstyle, you need only texturizing spray, hair elastics, and bobby pins.

To make this hairstyle, prepare your dried hair with texturizing spray. Next, pull your hair into a low ponytail.

Then part the hair just above the pony and create a topsy tail. After that wrap the remaining hair up into the middle section.

Be carefully widen the bun and complete the look with hairspray.

Go ahead and try these updos for long hair and get a feminine hairstyle look. If you like this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to friends or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank You!

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